34.8 g Quartz Point (Arkansas)


Let go. Create space for something new.

Standing approximately 2″ tall and 1″ wide, this Arkansas quartz specimen is capable of standing on its base with a bit of patience. It weighs 34.8 grams. This clear quartz would make a great addition to any grid or make a great focal point for a piece of jewelry or art, as pictures don’t do justice to its water clear point.

There’s a bit of growth interference on the base and side of this quartz point, signifying the presence of another mineral blocking this crystal’s growth that was removed during mining. Although viewed as an “imperfection,” growth interferences represent adaptation and development through the release of a past which no longer serves its purpose. Letting go is an essential step in moving forward, even if it leaves a mark. This reminder can be helpful during meditation, especially during times when we must focus on freeing ourselves of negativity.

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