Black Pearl Cage Necklace


A half-inch diameter black freshwater pearl inside a heart-shaped, sterling silver plated cage hangs from a tangleproof snake chain secured with a lobster claw clasp, measuring 15.75″ from end to end. The black pearl is said to attract love.

It worked for me. Now, I’m passing its magic on ~ to you.

I used to blow off steam driving to Plymouth, Massachusetts on the weekends. It was only 15 minutes from where I lived, straight down Route 44 and during off seasons like winter and fall, it’s a great place to seek solitude. Quieting my mind to observe the tide’s ebb and flow was healing for my impulsive, high-strung teenage self. Back then I wouldn’t have called it “meditating,” but I suppose that’s what I was doing.

It was 2010. I was driving on my learner’s permit, looking for a place to loiter, probably trying to blow off some steam and push my curfew limits when I wandered into one of the touristy shops on Water Street. There was probably a skull and crossbones outside that drew me in because, man, growing up by the ocean, I was just fascinated by pirate legend and stories of hidden treasure. This same spirit is what probably drew me to the “Wish Pearl” display. A bunch of boxes stacked up showing five different colored pearls you could get, complete with a silver plated cage pendant and necklace to be worn. There’s a high you get when you buy something you can’t see. I imagine it’s the way every gambler feels when they enter the casino.

I wanted the black pearl not only because black was my favorite color but because it was the pearl chosen by the company to symbolize love. Love, which I have always believed to be the most important aspect of life – and I’m not talking just romantic. We have to love ourselves, our friends, our family, the strangers we encounter. Love rules all.

But alas, here I am – happily married with children of my own. This black pearl necklace lived through a lot of adventures with me, including the entire five-year courtship with my husband, but the time has come to set it free. I hope this pearl brings as much adventure and romance to the life of its new owner as it did for me.

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