Guardian Lions (Pair)


A pair of jade-green resin imperial guardian lions – one male and one female – representing yin and yang, standing 6″ tall. The male has his left paw on an orb, a sign of dominance and power, while the female has her right paw on a lion cub, representing the cycle of life. Placing these statues in the left corner of your home is believed to bring about prosperity.

They are also said to protect your home from people with malicious intentions. I believe it. Each lion weighs more than 2 pounds and would make a very dangerous projectile. Hopefully, no one ever breaks into your house. But if they did just throw one of these bad boys at their head. If you make the shot, they’ll be down for the count until they wake up with a concussion.

Although these creatures are in fact lions, the name “foo/fu dogs” gained popularity when people noticed an uncanny resemblance to the Chow Chow, a popular guard dog that was used by the Tang Dynasty to hunt everything from pheasants to wolves. This breed is fiercely protective of its family. In Chinese, fu means blessing and prosperity.


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