Raw Selenite Candle Holder


Weighing more than 1.5 pounds each and standing about 4″ tall, 3.5″ in diameter, these selenite candle holders will bless your home with divine white light. Meditating while a candle flame dances within the selenite helps reunite our hearts and minds. Especially helpful for overcoming indecisiveness.

You will receive one selenite candle holder with your purchase. Great for home décor or ritual use. Fits pillar, tea, and votive candles. These candle holders also work well for charging and displaying other crystals. Please note selenite is water soluble so do not place these candle holders in water.

Gallery pictures feature white jasmine candles from 5B & Co, a local artisan candle making company in Kansas City. Although the candle is not included with your purchase, I highly recommend purchasing from 5B & Co as they provide some of the highest quality hand-poured candles on the market using cotton wicks and soy-blended wax.


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