Sea Siren Dreamcatcher

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A mermaid-inspired dreamcatcher handmade by me in anticipation of a road trip back to Massachusetts.

This dreamcatcher features a 10″ diameter hoop and measures 36″ in length with hanging leather cords and ribbons. Turquoise, mother of pearl, clear quartz, purple aura quartz chips and Nassa shells are woven into the web along with a single blue cat’s eye bead. A jar full of amethyst chips floats with silver sea creatures in the center while a blue-dyed slice of Brazilian agate adorns the front.

The hoop is 10″ in diameter and, from top to bottom of the hanging leather cords and ribbons, this dreamcatcher measures 36″ long.


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1 review for Sea Siren Dreamcatcher

  1. Candy Brockman-Markum


    Your Sea Siren Dreamcatcher is absolutely breathtaking!

    Blessings, Light, and Love,


    • Laurien

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

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