I’ve heard
Life sometimes hands you lemons

I know
when this happens
I’m expected to make lemonade.

But most days
Life doesn’t hand me anything
– nevermind lemons.

I’ve never seen
hand anyone
but I’ve picked them from trees.

I’ve never seen Life

It continues

Life doesn’t hand me lemons
So I look inside
for lemons
in the dungeons of my mind


I fail
to realize

I miss Life
hand me lemons.

I am led to lemons
not to the lemons

to somewhere else

I forget lemons.

There’s a bar
filled with books
floating pirate ship

untuned piano
Amanda Palmer played
before I arrived

Absinthe, Chartreuse and You.


I forgot the lemons.

I don’t know
Life will hand them to me
I don’t know
Life ever hands them
I’ve heard

There’s water
and air
and blood pumping
through us

I’ve never seen Oxygen.

I love looking
I love lemons
I’m not looking for lemons
I’m not looking

I am trusting
I am feeling
I am receiving


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