Mom wanted to name me DeLorean.
Grandma didn’t want me named after a car.
They compromised.
No, that’s “too difficult,” they decided.
Let’s make it Laurie with an N.

Feel free to call me Lo. You may know me as Dame DuhLaurien of the No Agenda Roundtable or “Little Growing Flower.” But in my house, I’m “Mum-mum” to three mini aussiedoodles and two tiny human resources.

When I was five, I wanted to be a pirate rock n’ roll singer with an archaeological past time. Well, I’m sure on my way.

I’m a thrifty mixed media artist with a love for road trips. Currently, I live in the Heart of America: Kansas City, Missouri. You’ll find me exploring the city with my family, perusing secondhand shops, ruminating at an estate sale, haggling with gemstone dealers or trash into treasure at home.

In college, I started a project called The American Dreams, selling handmade dreamcatchers. But web weaving is only one of my many hobbies, so I decided it was time to expand.

Here, on my personal website, you can view and purchase handmade creations, peruse my collections of thingamajigs, find inspiration in my personal reflections and travels, recipes, DIY tutorials or just enjoy all the pretty pictures.

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9 thoughts on “Who the heck is Laurien Rose?

  1. Hi, Im Chuck from Lawrence and Im always looking for new and interesting models to shoot with and then draw from. I ran across your sit on Model Mayhem and wondered if youd still do any modeling. If interested shoot me a message or feel free to call any tie @ 913 724 1661 thanks

  2. I saw you Model Mayhem page and followed the link you had there. You are very talented ! I would like to run some ideas by you.

      1. I do not have an account there, I was scrolling through people in my area and saw you. I am interested in some of your creations and also to see if you would be interested in modeling a t shirt from my Fire Dept. I am not a professional or anything. I just like your look and thought it would be a cool idea. I would of course pay for you time and what ever else you need.

      2. I am not a member there. I was scrolling through there to see if there was anyone in my area. I like your crafts and also wanted to know if you would be interested in modeling a t shirt from my fire dept. I would of course cover all expenses and your normal rate. Let me know if you are interested.

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