Want an organized space? Utilize those walls!

You can have loads of fun using hanging baskets in your laundry room to separate dirty clothes, carry everything folded all at once or store soaps and detergents. The options are endless!

And why limit this space-saving idea to the laundry room? These baskets are also great for storing board games, toys, stuffed animals, craft supplies – you name it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Step 1: Measure the length of your basket’s bottom side. Don’t measure the handles, as brackets need to sit beneath them to hold the basket.

Step 2: Decide where you’re going to hang your wall mounts. I suggest finding a stud. If your baskets are shorter/wider than the distance between studs or you don’t have a stud finder, use drywall anchors instead.

Step 3: Make a mark where you will hang the top of each wall mount, ensuring the distance between the two equals the measurement you took from your basket. Measure twice, drill once.

Step 4: Place a screw or drywall anchor into the top hole of your wall mount. Use your drill to screw it into the wall.

Step 5: Level your wall mount and drill your screw/drywall anchor into the bottom hole.

Step 6: Choose a hole in the middle of your wall mount and drill a screw/drywall anchor in there for added security.

Step 7: Repeat Steps 3 through 6 on your second wall mount.

Step 8: Stick your shelf brackets into the wall mount. They work like pegboard accessories. Make sure they are straight across from each other so your baskets aren’t crooked.

Step 9: Hang your baskets from the shelf brackets.

Wasn’t that easy?

Leave a comment below with tips, tricks, questions or pictures of YOUR laundry wall mount!

And remember: “normal” is just a dryer setting.

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8 thoughts on “DIY Laundry Basket Wall Mount

  1. Could you tell me the measurements on the shelf brackets? I am not sure witch ones to get. I am ordering them through the website you shared the link for.

    1. Hey Danielle,

      The shelf brackets I bought are 14″ long. Make sure you measure your baskets first to buy shelf brackets that will fit accordingly.

      Thanks for reading my tutorial!

    1. As long as everything is properly secured to the wall, it definitely will! Haven’t had a basket break on me yet — and I use very cheap plastic baskets. It’s great having them on the wall like this so you don’t have to bend over to put clothes in or pick them up.

  2. Hello I want to do this I bought the wall brackets and tracks but my husband says if it won’t work because I won’t hit studs and it won’t be supported without going through studs. Is both your wall brackets on studs?

    1. Finding a stud is definitely the preferred way to secure the brackets to support the weight of baskets filled with clothes but you can also achieve this without a stud by using a drywall anchor with reinforcements.

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