Despite Kansas City’s stay-at-home order and Mother Nature’s gloomy mood (it was freezing and rained all day), the Easter bunny brought unconventional surprises for everyone this year. For my husband, it was the satisfaction of cooking the most deliciously seasoned, perfectly charred chicken breasts to date, which is really saying something because everything he grills is perfection.

For Reila and Asena, it was watching The Easter Bunny is Comin’ to Town, tie-dying hardboiled eggs using sandwich baggies and neon food coloring with their dad before eating them, bonding with our four-legged guests, Merle & Grace (Twin’s brother & sister, respectively; Lucy & Murphy’s pups) and discovering pastel plastic eggs the Easter Bunny hid around the living room. Asena shook them like maracas while Reila eagerly asked Spence and me to “just pinch it” open to find out what candy was inside. She had no problem sharing the discovery making with her baby sister and had a blast divvying the goodies out evenly between them.

For me, it was waking up from a Five-Dog Night of my own when the temperatures plunged into the 30s, tuning in to No Agenda live, baking apple crisp (of which there were no leftovers because Asena had four helpings) and… oh, an email? What could that be?

That’s right! I’m *officially* a Poshmark ambassador!

Poshmark is like an online yard sale with an emphasis on fashion. You can find all your favorite brands in there, from Target trends to luxury styles. My love for Poshmark has only grown since quarantine started, as all the thrift stores are closed and estate sales are canceled. People post anything and everything on there, so whatever you’re looking for, I bet you can find it on Posh. It’s a great way form of recycling and an awesome passive income.

If you’re interested but don’t have an account, use the code LAURIENROSE when you sign up and receive $10. You can put that toward a purchase or deposit it straight into your bank account. Either way, you get 10 bucks and, whenever you make your first sale, I’ll get $10 too.

I started my Poshmark journey right after my birthday last year and now, six months later, have become an ambassador with very little effort. Only during quarantine have I discovered share groups, parties, and other Posh tricks to get my closet seen by more people – but that’s another blog post. There are some metrics you have to meet before getting an invite to become a Posh ambassador, like a certain number of shares, making sales, and leaving a love note (Posh’s name for a short written review/comment) after making a purchase. Progress is tracked in your Posh Stats.

Poshmark ambassadors get a few perks, like being recommended to new users, receiving a special newsletter with tips, tricks and event previews, and opening up the opportunity to take part in Poshmark events, like hosting your own Posh N’ Sip event to connect with local Poshers (and earn a little extra cash.) Becoming an ambassador is a no-brainer if you’re serious about making money through Poshmark.

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