Sometimes in kindergarten, I spent recess digging holes in the sand using a toy plastic beach shovel. My fascination with pirates and archaeology (thanks to movies like “The Goonies” and “Indiana Jones”) led me to believe anyone could stumble across a buried treasure.

And one day, I did.

A translucent, golden-yellow stone pendant hanging from a brown leather shoelace-looking cord. I wore it as a necklace for a few days before retiring it to a jewelry box and forgot about it until a few years later.

I was filling a velvet pouch with stones in a New Hampshire gift shop with the help of my best friend Papa, who just happened to be my great-grandfather. When we made the purchase, the shopkeep slipped a tiny paper into the bag with pictures and descriptions of various gemstones so I could identify what I’d chosen.

And there it was: citrine. The crystal I’d found on the playground.

It was one of my earliest muses, sparking a passive interest in gemstones that transformed in my adult life to a nostalgic pursuit of knowledge.

When I met my husband, we shared our tiny childhood gem and mineral collections with one another. Now, we’re excited to share our mine of natural treasures with you.

Whether you’re a lapidary looking for new materials to work with, a free spirit tapping into the metaphysical or someone simply searching for a new conversation piece, we trust you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Laurien’s tiny treasure box of personal stones.
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