Happy New Year’s Day!

Celestially speaking, it’s a great day for clearing our landscape, planting root crops like beets and going fishing.

Today, the waning crescent moon begins in shady, skeptical Scorpio until 4:26 PM CST when it goes void of course. Waning crescent moon – the last moon’s phase – is a time to catch up on rest and prepare for all that is to come – a perfect way to launch into 2019. Finish what’s been started and let go of what no longer serves you. But be patient. Now is a time for meditation and hibernation until the cycle begins again.

With the moon in the shadowy territory of Scorpio for most of the day, purge what’s no longer serving you. Sometimes Scorpio moons can drown us in emotion. If you’re feeling down or overwhelmed, channel this energy into physical activity. Walk the dog, do some chores, go for a run, hit the gym – just keep moving.

When the moon is “void of course,” it is in transit from one astrological sign to another. We’ll see about 13 void moons per month because it takes the moon about 27 days to orbit the Earth. Without a planet setting the stage for us, we may feel out of it during these times. Simply enjoy your rest and don’t start anything during the void-of-course period or else it may require later corrections.

Tomorrow, the moon enters optimistic Sagittarius at 2:59 AM CST. More details on that in the morning.

We may be feeling the pull of intimacy as the moon aligns with Virgo today. Right now, Venus is shining at its brightest, signalling us to make moves in our love lives. If you’re up by 6:45 AM CST, take a look at the sky. You may be lucky enough to see the moon line up with Jupiter, Mercury and Venus.

We’ll see Jupiter sesquiquadrate the True Node at 4:15 AM CST. The sesquiquadrate is a minor aspect in astrology referring to an arc of 135° and “True Node” (also known as North Node) refers to mathematical points where the moon’s orbit intersects the Ecliptic, the Sun’s annual path on the celestial sphere. Usually, this aspect – Jupiter sesquiquadrate the True Node – signals struggle. In this case, we may experience uncertainty about our beliefs or a lack of direction.

Mars enters its home sign of Aries today and remains there until mid-February to give us the spurt of ambition we need to kick off the new year. Like the ram, we may feel more headstrong than usual during this time. Focus and direct this energy towards productivity. Remember: everyone is affected by this so unrestrained emotions could bring about unnecessary conflicts.

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