At 1:32 AM CST, the moon entered shadowy Scorpio. Yesterday you may have found yourself dwelling on life’s suffering and digging up the past. Pluto-ruled Scorpio romanticizes the darker aspects of life, encouraging us to delve headfirst into the abyss in search of our pain’s root cause. What’s discovered under the Scorpio will likely shake and transform us.

Carrying, wearing or meditating with agate and black tourmaline under this moon sign can offer us the courage we need to wander further into darkness while also shielding our light.


The day kicks off with a semi-square between the Scorpio Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius at 5:01 AM, meaning Jupiter and the Moon will be separated by 45°. This aspect usually manifests itself in the form of encounters or events forcing us to address something internally we find especially difficult. Our only option is to confront our problems, leading to growth and opportunity.


Unfinished business needs tending to as the Scorpio Moon square Mercury in Aquarius at noon today. Unfortunately, the emotional Scorpio moon may have us feeling moody, hindering our ability to get along with others as suggested by this aspect with Mercury, the planet of communication. Like the scorpion, we are on defense today, ready to strike at a moment’s notice with a poison stinger – our words. Do everyone a favor and keep it to yourself. We must acknowledge that our emotions are hindering us from rational thought.


It’s always those closest to us who push our most sensitive buttons since they know exactly where to find them. At 1:59 PM, the Scorpio Moon forms a semi-square Venus in Sagittarius. Chances are, a disagreement will arise but communication will be blocked thanks to temperamental Scorpio Moon. Don’t dwell on what’s said today. As the Moon-Mercury square suggests, everyone is feeling overly defensive today meaning we may say things we don’t really mean in the heat of the moment.


At 4:10 PM, the moon enters its final phase of the cycle: last quarter – and what perfect timing, as this is the phase represents forgiveness and release. Intentions set during the last New Moon come full circle and information gained during this moon cycle surely affects the future of these endeavors. The time is now to figure out our next steps. Never surrendering to contentment inspires new ambitions for the upcoming Aquarius New Moon on February 4.


It’s a good time for reflection under the 3:11 PM Scorpio Moon square Sun in Aquarius, paying special attention to the challenges we faced this past month. Which ones did we stand up to and from which did we run away? Ego and emotion may be at odds as we work to determine what exactly stands between us and our dreams. Any haunting past ties and emotions holding us back from continuing to grow into our authentic self will rise to the surface if they weren’t top-of-mind already.

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