We are incredibly persuasive under the 1:18 AM CST Scorpio Moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn, making it a great day for negotiating business or legal agreements. A sextile occurs when celestial bodies are 60˚ apart and are associated with new opportunities. Moon, the ruler of our emotions, is currently under the influence of sometimes shady Scorpio, driving us to relentlessly pursue our desires. Influenced by resourceful Capricorn, Pluto – ruler of power and transformation – grants us the means to achieve such things. Use charm and kindness today to win others over – not deceit or manipulation.


Another aspect related to opportunity occurs at 5:15 AM when the Scorpio Moon trines Mercury in Pisces. This is a great time for making impressions on people as Mercury – the planet of perception – is influenced by dreamy Pisces. Of course, the mysterious energies of the Scorpio Moon add their own magickal touch. We are likely to see the best in people at this time – and that’s reciprocated back at us. So go ahead, make a proposal to your higher up or strik up a conversation with a stranger on your lunch break. You never know who you’re bound to meet.


The laws of attraction are on our side today under the 6:14 AM Scorpio Moon sextile Venus in Capricorn. Sultry Scorpio’s energy is handy and easy to wield thanks to the capable Capricorn influence over Venus. Don’t be shy. Combined with the energies of the Moon-Mercury trine, singles have a great chance of meeting someone special today and those in established relationships are filled with gratitude. Non-romantic relationships are supportive and honest today, as well. Make a phone call or visit someone you love.


After the Moon-Venus sextile at 6:14 AM, the Moon goes void of course. When the moon is void of course, it means there are no further aspects under the current zodiac sign its transiting through. In this case, that would be Scorpio. It’s the Moon’s hypothetical work break, which means you should not be making any serious decisions at this time. Reflect, relax and don’t start anything new until the Moon arrives in Sagittarius.


Routines are going to be difficult to follow after the Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:20 PM. Ruled by Jupiter, the zodiac’s centaur is always looking ahead, at the horizon with his arrow drawn back, ready to be released. This is a time when we will want to shoot for the moon and have some fun along the way. Drive a different route to work, go somewhere new or hit up your friends to hang out. Business and pleasure often intermingle under the Sagittarius Moon. Agate and amethyst are great stones for connecting with this freedom-loving moon’s jovial vibes.


Our first challenging aspect of the day comes at 7:57 PM under the Sagittarius Moon semisquare Saturn in rulership Capricorn. When a planet is in its rulership, it means it is currently transiting through the zodiac sign it rules. Each of the 12 signs is paired with a planet sharing characteristics. In this case, responsible, success-driven Saturn rules determined, practical Capricorn. Both Saturn and Capricorn focus on the end game.

Now, a semisquare is a minor astrological aspect when celestial bodies are 45˚ apart – or half a square. Stubbornness keeping us from moving forward or solving particular situations is likely to be revealed at this time. It’s time to keep an open mind and try something new where the old ways clearly aren’t working.

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