Take a minute to reflect on your dream this morning, maybe even write it down. The last quarter moon in Sagittarius promotes expansion and resisting routine, so don’t be surprised if you encounter a sense of restlessness today.

As most of us slept, the Sagittarius moon formed a conjunction with Jupiter at 2:24 AM CST, potentially impacting our dreams. A conjunction is the starting point of an angle. When two celestial bodies are conjunct, it means they are in the same sign – in this case, Sagittarius – implying 0° of separation. Self-expression comes naturally under this aspect as our emotions are put under a microscope. Our moral compass (or lack thereof) may be top of mind today.

At 4:58 AM CST, the Sagittarius moon goes sesquiquadrate with Uranus in Aries. This minor aspect referring to 135° between the two celestial bodies generally refers to tension. Uranus has been called “the awakener” because its transits deliver reality checks. It is a planet of both enlightenment and rebellion. While in Aries, Uranus’ wake-up call may revolve around necessary changes in our personal identity. Uncertainty or self-doubt may set in and overwhelming emotions are to be expected. Just remember to clear your mind, breathe and take a day to sleep on big decisions waiting to be made.

The moon squares Neptune in Pisces at 6:01 AM CST, meaning the two celestial bodies are forming a right angle three signs apart. Conflict arises under this aspect as Neptune, the planet of dreams and intuition, rips off the rose-tinted glasses we’ve been borrowing from the Sagittarius moon. Avoid making large transactions today and look out for misinformation or self-deception. If you need a pick-me-up, listen to some music.

Asteroid Vesta and the moon form a sextile at 9:07 AM CST, allowing us to push our emotions to the side and get something done. This is a positive aspect that often reveals to us how to productively utilize our energy. At 2:55 PM CST, the two leave this aspect and become parallel. Use this time wisely.

A sense of nostalgia may flood us as Mercury (Sagittarius) squares the centaur Chiron (Pisces) at 4:41 PM CST. We may be plagued by irresistible daydreams and end up questioning decisions we’ve made in the past that have led us to our current path. Release them. Forgive and forget. This sensitivity will pass.

Another asteroid makes an impact today when our Sagittarius moon goes quincunx with Juno at 7:03 PM CST. Quincunx bodies, also known as inconjunct, are five signs or 150° apart. The celestial bodies in this aspect are out of sync with each other, leading to challenges caused by misunderstanding. You may see an opportunity to manipulate someone to get what you desire. Don’t. A relationship may come to a crossroad that has you feeling torn or indecisive. Sleep on it.

Our third and final asteroid aspect occurs at 10:06 PM – a sextile between the Sagittarius moon and Pallas. Use this time to begin reflecting on the day and start making decisions as intuition and logic combine.

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