Hopefully, you caught up on your rest this week and made some time to wander away from your routines under the Sagittarius moon. With Luna transiting to Capricorn today, things are about to change and we are all going to be taking care of business. But don’t fret if this week left you restless! Today offers a final opportunity to relax and reflect when the Sun sextiles Neptune.

Our last quarter moon goes void of course at 11:41 AM CST. To refresh your memory, when the moon is void-of-course it means it is transiting between two signs. In this case, our waning crescent beauty complete its trip from spontaneous Sagittarius to practical Capricorn at 12:55 PM CST.

Artists, take advantage of the Sun and Neptune’s sextile at 1:58 PM CST today. When two celestial bodies are sextile, they are 60 or two signs apart. This is a harmonious aspect between leader Sun and the dreamy planet of Neptune that may open our eyes to unseen beauties. Inspiration is everywhere. Let your imagination run wild and follow your artsy intuition. For those who aren’t artistically inclined, let your mind wander and see where you end up. Utilize this time to wind down before the big solar eclipse and Capricorn New Moon tomorrow.

At 9:40 PM, Mercury leaves Sagittarius, following the moon to Capricorn where it will remain until January 24. It should be easier to concentrate and be realistic now, though our minds may be preoccupied with business. Be precise and determine what’s important moving forward and what should be released. But be careful during your social interactions not to be too harsh, cold or critical of others.

Tomorrow, we are graced with both a partial solar eclipse and New Moon in Capricorn. Known to foster new beginnings, the new moon is a great time to focus on what you want to accomplish this year, whether it be starting a new business venture, replacing habits that no longer serve you with positive ones or simply driving your current path to success. Embrace Capricorn’s motivational energies and kick the new year off with its best possible start.

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