For a little more than four hours on January 5, the northern hemisphere (Eastern Russia, China, Korea, Japan and western parts of Alaska) will be in the shadow of a partial solar eclipse occurring at Capricorn’s 15° point. Since it’s a partial eclipse, the sun will remain mostly visible as the moon passes between it and the Earth. For those of us who won’t be witnessing the eclipse like me here in heart of America, don’t worry. Visibility is not required for effect.

Solar eclipses, which occur only during new moons, are catalysts for change – sometimes bringing it about by means of crisis or chaos. But fear not. Many of us will intuitively feel the time is right to take the next steps towards the future of our dreams. Growth is required for change and with this eclipse being in practical Saturn-ruled Capricorn, the focus will likely be on matters of business, discipline and reputation.

Thanks to the 7:29 PM CST conjunction with the Capricorn new moon today – the most important and powerful astrological aspect – anything is possible. Changes set in motion from this eclipse will be a recurring theme far beyond this moon cycle. In fact, the effects of our intention setting (or lack thereof) under this eclipse and new moon will last six months, giving us plenty of time to get inspired.

This eclipse really sets the stage for our successes in the new year, as there are two more Capricorn eclipses to come – a full moon lunar eclipse on July 16 and another solar eclipse on December 26. Think big and make a plan to accomplish all that you wish.

Capricorn ruler Saturn, a planet of structure, reminds us to set boundaries so we can focus on what matters most. Do your best to set realistic, achievable expectations for yourself. Perhaps it’s time to create a system that will reward the formation of good habits and make those not-so-good habits harder to accomplish.

If you don’t know where to begin today, don’t sweat it. No one has it all figured out and this eclipse’s placement between Pluto and Saturn has many of us feeling a bit more stuck than usual. We’ll be able to adjust and clarify intentions set today as needed under the Leo Blood Moon lunar eclipse on January 20. Sun, Pluto and Saturn’s alignment suggests it’s going to take some real hard work to bring our dreams to fruition and many roadblocks lie ahead – hence the need for a solid systemic foundation.

Three aspects entangle themselves with this solar eclipse. First, our Capricorn Sun and Moon are conjunct (or in the same sign as) the fixed star Vega, the fifth brightest star in the night sky which is a part of the constellation Lyra. This aspect is enhanced by Saturn and Neptune’s sextile. Although our creativity may soar under this aspect, it’s important to make sure our responsibilities are taken care of and that we don’t become too distracted with play. To stay on track, try applying this burst of inspiration to your business endeavors.

Next, we may get hit with a big dose of seriousness with the eclipse quincunx Saturn (five signs apart at 150°, also known as inconjunct.) Patience with ourselves is key. Our duties and obligations must be fulfilled, meaning the systems and structures we’ve put in place may need updating. To improve our chances of long-term success, we need to find efficiency through simplification. It’s time to declutter – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually – in order to make our dreams clearer to envision and easier to achieve.

For a full round-up of what’s in the stars for us today, check out my Moony Musing for January 5, 2019.

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