We all have that one Capricorn friend. Stubborn, stuck in their ways and usually unwilling to compromise. But they’re a damned good friend. They never let us down and they’ll never text us 15 minutes before our plans to meet for coffee to say they won’t be coming. Disciplined and devoted, Capricorns always take care of the ones they love.

It’s time for us to embrace everything we love about Capricorn.


The sun, new moon, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn and South Node are all currently stationed in Capricorn. The South Node, also known as the descending node, is a point at which the Moon enters the southern ecliptic hemisphere or the “path” of the Sun from our vantage point here, on Earth. To add to this new year magick, the moon, Pluto, Saturn and sun are so close together (within 10° of each other) that they form a stellium. When a stellium or more than three celestial bodies inhabiting a single sign occurs, we are called to focus on the energy of the sign they’re transiting through. In this case, Capricorn.

Let’s break this down.


Like the tide, our emotions and habits are ruled by the moon. The Capricorn New Moon calls on us to start anew by replacing our not-so-good choices with beneficial ones so we grow each day one day closer to living the life of our dreams. Set simple intentions during this new moon to make the most of your time. Be accountable to yourself and others.

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The partial solar eclipse today is going to shine a bright internal light on what we need to personally change. Representing the leader in all of us, the sun dares us to own our responsibilities and rise above any challenges that may come our way. This aspect may signal the time to step up at work or take control of our personal life.

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Serious Saturn challenges us to focus our energy on discipline. Limit chaos by creating boundaries. Craft a routine that touches upon our needs emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Cut strings to the past that no longer serve and get rid of all the crap cluttering up in both the physical and spiritual realm. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn so issues with regard to commitment, self-control and willpower will surely be illuminated.


Pluto is the plant of healing, power and transformation. While in Capricorn, this planet seeks to remind us of what we can and cannot control. Unfortunately, Pluto enjoys dismantling all that’s familiar and teaches lessons by tossing us into what seems like a bottomless pit. Don’t despair. These tribulations serve us by reviving our faith. When you finally climb out of that black hole, you’ll realize you are capable of anything.

Although Saturn and rebellious Pluto may be seen as opposites, they will remain in conjunction until 2020, forming an unlikely powerful alliance. Falling between these two planets, many of us may feel stuck in Pluto’s theoretic bottomless pit. Saturn seeks to remove the unhealthy obsessions and toxic influences Pluto promoted in our past while Pluto encourages us to determine what rules or structures currently in place are worth breaking. Pluto destroys and Saturn builds. Only by pushing the limits can we find our true boundaries.


Mercury entered Capricorn on January 4, adding a sense of logic to this mix. The planet of communication and thought encourages us to plan – or at least practice planning, for those of us who don’t care to structure our days. Take note of negative patterns that keep cropping up and figure out what you must change to prevent them from happening. Be honest and prepare yourself for serious conversations that have needed to happen for a long time.

Squaring a conjunction between Mars and Chiron, a centaur or minor planet in the Solar System, our focus is on emotional healing. “I want to get better” is a great affirmation for the time being. Have an honest conversation about something that’s bothering you with the person who you feel is in the wrong. Make smarts decision that are in your best interest and be mindful of your health – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Of course, accomplishing these things take the Capricornian elements of commitment and discipline. Embrace them.


Moon, sun and Saturn are all sextile Neptune, meaning 60° or two signs apart. This is a harmonious aspect likely to enhance our intuition. We can see clearly now where we’ve been deceived by others or ourselves. All around us, doors are opening and we may feel incredibly lucky today. Following your gut instinct will take you to the right place at the right time. Use this aspect to clearly visualize all the details of the future you want to manifest and take steps toward self-improvement.

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