Today, the waxing crescent moon remains in unconventional Aquarius. A community-oriented sign, Aquarius dares us to make friends with strangers today. We may be surprised to find a much needed ally in the most unlikely of places. This is a good time to focus on breaking our not-so-good habits.

As many of us slept at 3:44 AM CST, the Aquarius moon formed a sextile with Jupiter in Sagittarius, the planet of expansion’s rulership. This symphonious aspect may inspire us to open up to others today and, in turn, make new friends.

Just a minute later, the moon formed a semi-square with Chiron in Pisces. Although this aspect is thought of as harmonious, it’s often action-oriented, throwing a hurdle in our path that forces us to jump. We are likely to face the root cause of our suffering head-on today.

In the evening, the Moon semi-squares Mars at 6:02 PM causes impatience. Acting impulsively will not be in our best interest during this time. Breaking plans and switching goals frequently may be a red flag that we are not in touch with our true desire.

Another semi-square with Mercury occurs at 7:11 PM. Feeling unfulfilled during this time could signal a strong need for discipline and lots of hard work to be done. We may be tempted to avoid conflict during this time but doing so will shut the door on a new opportunity. It is best to set your emotions aside, choose your words wisely and confront whatever is causing you discomfort during this time.


The day starts off with a clash between Mercury and Mars as the two planets form a right angle or square at 4:05 AM CST. Mercury, the planet of logic and thought, is currently stationed in stubborn, traditional Capricorn while Mars is in its rulership – aggressive, action-oriented Aries. With these planets butting heads, we may find ourselves short-tempered and sharp-tongued throughout the day. Don’t be surprised to find yourself running late and be cautious of road rage.

Put this energy to use in a productive manner by getting something off your chest. Whatever it is you’ve been keeping bottled up inside, it’s time to release it. You may be surprised how others react. Although the astrological aspect of a square is correlated with conflict and tension, this pair may just be the cosmic force we need to finally grab the reins and solve the problems that have been weighing heaviest on our souls.

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