With the waxing crescent moon in dreamy, sensitive Pisces today, we may find ourselves craving an escape. Focus on creative endeavors while the moon transits in Pisces for the next two days and embrace the forgive-and-forget attitude to cut any haunting ties to the past. Nostalgia runs high during this transit. It’s important to separate who you are from who you were to avoid getting lost in this sea of thoughts. We may be feeling more compassionate and generous than usual at this time. Don’t let others take advantage of this!

Quiet moments pursuing solitary activities can help us find peace and a sense of spiritual reconnection at this time. If you find it hard to be alone, do some inward digging to find the root cause of that problem. Try journaling, doodling – whatever it takes to let go, open up and release an authentic flow.

The Pisces moon formed a semi-square with Pluto in Capricorn at 1:45 AM CST last night, exposing whatever it is we’ve bottled up inside. Semi-squares are known to cause change through tension. Since underworld ruler Pluto is in the mix, topics will likely be darker and deeper. Emotional self-control can be taxing at this time. Try to maintain a positive outlook, accepting any challenges thrown our way as opportunities for growth and transformation. And remember: in order to move forward, we must heal ourselves by accepting what cannot be change.

At 6:16 AM, the Pisces moon sextiles Mercury in Capricorn, the planet of communication. With 60° of separation between Mercury and the moon, this sextile opens up new paths toward expansion. This is an ideal time for chit-chatting, as the Pisces moon has everyone opening up. Peer counseling may be beneficial at this time as you may find yourself comforting others or receiving much-needed consolation. Mundane activities like running errands and responding to emails will be effortless at this time, so take advantage of it. If your job involves writing, this may be a productive period.

You may want to visit or speak with family as the Pisces moon sextiles Saturn in Capricorn at 3:13 PM. If serious matters are plaguing your mind, this is a good time to confide in a loved one. Saturn’s influence leaves us all feeling more caring and patient. Mixed with the sentimentality of Pisces, even the most stoic of us may want to share our feelings.

Sudden changes may arise in our personal life as the Pisces moon forms a semi-square with Uranus in Aries at 5:22 PM. Quarrels with loved ones are likely. Listen as best you can and try not to react emotionally at this time as tensions run high. If there’s something you need to get done, concentrate and avoid distractions.

Escapist desires are exacerbated under the Pisces moon square Jupiter in Capricorn at 5:48 PM. With 90° separating the moon and Jupiter, the square generally presents us with something in our life that requires change or two separate areas in need of mediation. Resist the temptation to overindulge or act on impulses at this time.

Confusion may set in when the Pisces moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces at 6:47 PM, the final aspect of the day. With the planet of vagueness and illusion at play, Neptune’s energies may heighten our emotional sensitivity. Be careful not to make mountains out of molehills at this time. Your energy will be better channelled into an artistic endeavor than arguments.

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