The Sun conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn at 5:34 AM CST. giving us an ambitious start to the day. Conjunctions are the most powerful astrological aspect and occur when two celestial bodies are in the same sign. Since the Pisces moon harmonizes with both Pluto and the sun later this morning, this conjunction may imply we need to reflect on yesterday’s lessons regarding attachment and fear to find a resolution today.

Representing our authentic self, the Sun conjunct powerful ruler of the underworld, Pluto, may strip something or someone from our lives who has prevented us from being true to ourselves. This could be something as simple as a not-so-good habit, like watching TV, or a failed romantic endeavor. If this is the case for you, don’t be sad! This transit cosmically forces us back onto our path of purpose.


As I mentioned before, the Pisces moon sextiles Pluto at 8:11 AM. Sextiles ease communication. Although Pluto’s energies keep emotions running high this morning, this sensitivity increases our influences and lets us communicate directly without alienating others. This is a great time to settle our differences with close friends and family.

Unpleasant patterns are easily recognized by us under this aspect and ripe for change. This is an excellent time for decluttering the home, as are able to quickly identify what no longer serves us. Pluto strengthens our intuition and boosts concentration. Any tasks we put our minds to can be accomplished at this time.

The moon and sun form a sextile at 8:25 AM, right as the moon goes void of course. Since the moon will remain void of course until 2:18 AM tomorrow morning when it enters Aries, this is a great time for relaxing and reflecting. Our worries may seem far away under this aspect, helping us embrace a good mood and a great day. This sextile promotes a sense of balance within us, boosting our self-confidence. Mingle, make new friends and spark romance.

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