The void-of-course moon entered fiery Aries at 2:18 AM CST while most of us slept. This dramatic shift should be highly noticeable after spending the past few days under the spell of a moody Pisces moon. Now, the moon starts it’s next trip through the zodiac anew as March was once considered the first month of the year due to Earth’s springtime rebirth, thus marking Aries (March 21 to April 20) as the first zodiac sign.

Get out of your comfort zone today and try something new. Physical activity is highly rewarded by the Aries moon. With this headstrong influence, we may be blunt and drop whatever filter keeps us from telling people how we really feel. This could be the final nail in the coffin of any relationship issues we faced under the Pisces moon. Sometimes, a little confrontation is just what we need to get past whatever’s been holding us back.


A 1:20 PM trine between the Aries moon and Venus in Sagittarius awakens our deepest desires. Impulsively charging toward them may be at the expense of yourself or others. But it would certainly be exciting. For a less risky and more constructive outlet, let these energies fuel you to create something instead – even if your creation is simply a well-crafted plan to get whatever it is you want so badly.


We may feel extra confident when the moon conjuncts Mars in Aries at 6:12 PM. Courageous, even. Face your fears and stand up for yourself at this time. But don’t argue for the sake of argument. If you find yourself getting touchy, stop ramming your head into the wall and take a chill pill.

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