Today we enjoy a full day under the independent Aries moon, which formed a square with Mercury at 3:05 AM CST followed by a square with Saturn at 3:37 AM. Squares generally present tension between two celestial bodies in different signs. With our emotional influencer the moon at odds with articulate Mercury and orderly Saturn both stationed in traditional Capricorn, we may find ourselves focusing on serious concerns like how to realistically achieve our goals, owning up to our responsibilities or handling concerns. We are also likely to receive criticism at this time, perhaps from both ourselves and others. Don’t feel defeated! Let it drive you.

Since Mercury and Saturn are conjunct in Capricorn, we will likely find ourselves gifted with enhanced concentration needed to sort out personal matters. Take time for yourself to assess the situation and seek out practical solutions. Putting in increased effort today will yield tangible results. Be prepared as something new lies ahead on the horizon today.

The moon trines Jupiter in Sagittarius at 6:31 AM, reminding us that success is built upon respect and understanding. Friendship and influence are top of mind. Honesty will go a long way today, especially in intimate relationships.

Jupiter squares Neptune in Pisces at 12:58 PM, suggesting we may be led astray by unrealistic expectations. Chaos in our lives may take a toll at this time, requiring our attention. Take care of your responsibilities or you will be dragged further away from the path of your dreams. This is not the time for escapist tendencies. Hopefully, the harmony of Mercury and Saturn will help us stay grounded and on task.

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