Our morning starts off with a 7:14 AM sextile between Mercury in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces, making it easier to have a fulfilling, productive day. We are able to think in a more nuanced manner than usual, allowing even the most inarticulate of us to have meaningful conversations today. Communication transcends the verbal and we will say more with less words.


The first-quarter moon is void of course from 9:56 AM to 12:32 PM when it enters Taurus. During this moon phase, we are often propelled into action. If you’ve been keeping up with the plans made during the New Moon, you may be facing the first obstacle at this time. Slow and steady is the only way to approach the rest of the day when the moon enters Taurus,

Today, the moon conjuncts unconventional Uranus, heightening our intuition. Avoid overthinking and jump on your impulses at this time. It may be easier for reserved folks to express themselves under this aspect, but eccentric forms of self-expression could alienate someone close to you. Don’t let that stop you.


Avoid making important decisions when the moon semi-squares Neptune today at 11:25 AM. Things may not be as they seem. Don’t read too deeply into things. Recreational drug users could find their tolerance is lower than usual at this time, so take caution and always remember: the dose makes the poison. Lucky for them, escapist joy can be easily found in other endeavors such as reading, making music or even watching a movie.


The final aspect of the day is the 11:43 AM moon sesquiquadrate Jupiter in Sagittarius, a minor aspect that presents us with a difficult situation requiring us to take control. This is likely a subtle tension chiming back to the way our day began with the sextile between Mercury and Neptune, favoring nuance. If we are unable to figure out the cause of this tension, we are likely to fall into a depression. Keep busy and pay attention to the cause of any negative emotions so it can be addressed.

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