Today, the first-quarter moon remains in Taurus. During its first quarter phase, half of the moon’s face is illuminated while the other hides in darkness. It is visible for most of the day until it finally sets in the west around midnight. Generally accompanied by a sense of anticipation, this phase is a good time to work out any snags stalling our forward-moving momentum. This is the time to prove yourself to your harshest critic – you.


At 4:06 AM CST, the Taurus moon is quincunx – or five signs apart from – Venus in Sagittarius. During this time, imbalances in the emotional support or love given and taken in our closest relationships could be revealed. Balance must be restored in order for this relationship to succeed. I’m not just talking about relationships between people here. Seeking comfort from food and drugs will start noticeably taking a toll.


Nothing out of the ordinary should happen under the Saturn-moon trine at 12:51 PM. Trines, a major astrological aspect, unite the energies of Saturn in traditional Capricorn and the moon in predictable Taurus. Even the most radical of us will want to stick to the comfort of a routine today under the Taurus moon.


Finding balance continues to be a theme today as the Taurus moon semi-squares the centaur Chiron, which is currently retrograde in Pisces, at 1:37 PM. Emotional wounds are salted and brought to our attention. Although it may feel easier to ignore the pain, doing so will cause the trauma to fester. We must address underlying issues in order to finally release them and make room to grow.


The importance of taking care of ourselves – emotionally, physically and spiritually – will become abundantly clear when the moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces at 3:16 PM today. Open yourself up to love and don’t let ego get in the way. Spend time mulling over unprocessed feelings to find their root. You may be surprised to discover the cause of both your hopes and fears.


Another quincunx, this time between the Taurus moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius at 3:55 PM reminds us to be reliable. Realizing how far away you are from where you said you would be at this point in time is an expected part of this aspect. Accept that you cannot do everything on your own and thank those who are willing to help. Focus your energies on a specific task and start banging them out one by one. Only then will you start to catch up with those expectations.


Our final aspect of the day, when the Taurus moon trines Mercury in Capricorn at 7:31 PM, helps us better articulate our needs through both social conversation and writing. Make this energy work in your favor by asking for help on specific projects or tasks. If you’re struggling with balance, seek emotional sustenance from loved ones – and expect vivid dreams tonight.

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