The first-quarter moon will be void of course from 12:35 PM to 7:01 PM CST, leaving stable Taurus for clever Gemini where heady conversations await.


While many of us slept, the Taurus moon and Pluto in Capricorn formed a trine at 3:18 AM, heightening our senses. Do you remember your dream, who appeared in it or what thematic elements were present? Take note of these when you wake up if you can as it may reveal something important about yourself as the day progresses.

This aspect makes today ripe for star-crossed meetings. Don’t be shy! Speak to anyone you feel magnetized toward. With raised intuitions, experimenting and exploring darker fantasies is safer than usual. Go crazy. Creative juices will also be flowing. Keep a notebook handy, as we may find ourselves deep diving into uncharted territories of the subconscious.


At 11:11 AM, the Taurus moon semi-squares Mars in rulership Aries reveals pent-up frustrations. It is important to seek and find a healthy release. Hold your tongue and don’t be quick to react, as many people will be feeling irritable. If someone gets under your skin, walk away or let it slide. Don’t get defensive if you upset someone. Take a deep breath and sort out the miscommunication. Our loved ones have the potential to emotionally hurt us the worst under this aspect, as they know exactly what sensitive buttons to push. Do your best not to lose your temper.


Despite the tension from the semi-square with Mars, we are likely to work well with others as the void-of-course moon and sun in practical Capricorn trine at 12:35 PM. Loyalty will be rewarded under this harmonious aspect and it’s a great time to negotiate or find compromises. Financial priorities may be on our mind. Set financial boundaries and goals for growth. If you haven’t created a budget, now is a great time to get it done.


Interacting with others can clear up uncertainties we may have during the 3:57 PM void-of-course moon sesquiquadrate Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter will remain in Sagittarius until December 2, 2019. While stationed here, the planet of expansion challenges us to question our beliefs and discover what holds true importance in our lives by placing our faith in the universe. Don’t be surprised if a fundamental belief is destroyed today. Be brave and think bigger! Keep your mind open for the perspectives of others and learn all that you can.


We may find clarity regarding the source of emotional wounds and past trauma brought to our attention yesterday when the void-of-course moon sextiles the centaur Chiron at 4:31 PM. Chiron will remain retrograde in Pisces until next month. Under this aspect, it will become visible what we are putting too much of our focus and energy into. Struggles like codependency or aspects of the past we cling to will also become abundantly clear, along with the fears that keep us hanging on. Now is the time to address your own emotional needs.

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