A transit rife with distractions, the 4:26 PM CST Capricorn Sun semi-square Neptune in rulership Pisces has us feeling aloof today. Semi-squares are a minor astrological aspect occurring when two celestial bodies are separated by 45°. Generally, this aspect is correlated with blocked energy stemming from a dispute between the brain and heart.

Neptune, the planet of dreams, makes sticking to plans our plans difficult today. Embrace flexibility and go with the flow. The best way to spend your time will be seeking spiritual fulfilment through artistic endeavors or leisure activities.


Stick to yourself and avoid acting on impulses today under the 6:29 PM Cancer Moon Square Mars in its rulership Aries. Bottled emotions are likely to erupt during this unfavorable aspect – but that would be better than continuing to bury your problems under the surface. Try your best to address these issues in a calm, cool, collected manner. Being overly defensive will only make the situation worse. Loved ones are likely to lash out today due to unresolved tensions. Be patient with them and brave enough to address your own conundrums head on.


Even the most self-assured folks will be looking for love and craving a cure for the loneliness of the human experience under the Cancer Moon quincunx with Venus in Sagittarius at 7:26 PM. Feeding off the energies of the Moon-Mars square, this quincunx is likely to reveal imbalances in our closest relationships. Using a temporary fix like drugs, overindulgence in food or pursuing an affair is only making things worse. Gather your courage and confront those closest with you head on about your needs and desires. Romance is diluted to a state of black and white under this aspect: find a resolution or leave. If you are unwilling to restore balance to this aspect of your life, the emotional wounds will fester and have detrimental effects. Free yourself and the ones you love from such burdens. Only you hold the power to release this weight from your shoulders.


Put your needs in perspective or prepare for a long road of depression and negativity likely stemming from an unreleased past. The 7:50 PM Cancer Moon conjunct Saturn in its rulership, Capricorn, challenges us to look at our relational issues from an objective standpoint to avoid exacerbating them with unnecessary drama. To overcome not-so-good habits or the guilt we carry from bad decisions made in the past, we must make ourselves vulnerable by opening up to those closest to us, which requires control, discipline and maturity. If done successfully, love will grow and a new period of intimate bonding shall begin which will overcome the problem in no time.


Keep a journal by your bed tonight as the 9:21 PM trine between the Cancer Moon and Neptune in its rulership, Pisces, is likely to give us some unexpected insight which could inspire our next masterpiece or help us determine what is best for us at this time. Idealist Neptune boosts our intuition and seeks to remind us what we truly find rewarding in this lifetime.

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