Others will appreciate the authentic YOU today under the 6:49 AM CST Libra Moon trine Aquarius Sun, so wear what you want to wear and say what you want to say. Make time for self-care and self-love today. Light some candles and draw a bubble bath. Meditate with your favorite art, crystals or music. Go to the salon for a massage or a new look. Whatever it takes! It’s easiest to live in the now when we truly, unconditionally love ourselves.


At 11:55 AM, Mars in rulership Aries forms a trine with Jupiter in Sagittarius. The double fire sign Aries-Sagittarius combination heats things up and is fueled by the air sign Libra moon. If you’ve felt lethargic and lazy lately, don’t be surprised when a boost of energy comes rushing in today. Success is on the mind and we’re playing to win now, whether it’s in business, leisure or love. But to win, we must prepare and plan – another reason to take some time for yourself this morning under the Moon-Sun trine and to embrace the tensions of the Moon-Saturn square later. Believe in yourself and take risks.


When the Libra Moon forms a square with Saturn in rulership Capricorn, we may be exposed to areas of our life that are still quite immature. Authoritarian Saturn wants to see us win by working hard and achieving one step at a time. It calls for self-sufficiency. We may be emotionally tested under this aspect today, as the Saturn-Moon tension draws out our fears, troubles and vulnerabilities. With the responsible adult Saturn facing off with Moon, the naive child, we may find ourselves feeling isolated, unloved or cut off. But it’s time to push past these feelings. Accept and embrace independence.


Feelings from the Moon-Saturn square are exacerbated when the Libra Moon quincunxes Neptune in rulership Pisces at 10:55 PM. Despite the escapist pressure of Neptune, do not yield to unhealthy habits to avoid these feelings. Be productive. Turn the pain into something beautiful like art, music or a good conversation with a loved one. This aspect calls for sacrifice. Something negative must be released in order to make room for a better future.

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