At 11:50 PM CST last night, Mercury left cautious, clear Capricorn and entered paradoxical Aquarius.where it will remain until February 10 With the planet of communication now stationed in this truth-seeking air sign, we are able to think more objectively on bothering matters from the past, allowing us to problem solve our way around obstacles we currently face. Mercury, the planet of communication, inspires us to brainstorm and pull great ideas out of others at this time while Aquarius challenges us to always think bigger. Follow whatever stimulates you at this time and don’t be afraid to mentally venture out into faraway realms.

Carrying or wearing amethyst and/or garnet will help you tap into the visionary Aquarian energy. Garnet, the best-known Aquarius birthstone, is useful for grounding. Throughout history, it has been utilized by healers to alleviate depression and calming nerves. Amethyst, on the other hand, is an all-around healing stone helpful in breaking negative patterns. A comforting stone, amethyst promotes learning and understanding.


Not knowing exactly what we want has us feeling powerless as the Virgo moon square Venus in Sagittarius at 2:29 AM. Doing what we want may not be a good idea at this time although doing what we know we should may not be in any way pleasurable. Although this conflict is likely to arise around love thanks to the influence of Venus, money is also a very sensitive subject at this time. Do your best to avoid major financial transactions at this time.


Don’t be afraid to ask for more out of life when the Virgo moon and Aquarius Sun form a sesquiquadrate at 4:09 AM. What we want to do may be in conflict of what those closest to us think we should. Take their opinion into consideration and let it motivate you to find the best possible outcome. Chances are your mind and heart have been unaligned on the subject for quite some time anyway.


The moon transits out of Virgo and goes void of course at 7:51 AM. This begins a day full of inner contemplation regarding why we do the things we do. Encounters or events during this time may stir up old memories or open old wounds. Try not to react at this time or make any big decisions, as they will not be favored under the void-of-course moon. Just look inward and try to dig deeper.


Our sense of self will be reinforced by an encounter or event occurring when the void-of-course moon trines Pluto in Capricorn at 7:51 AM, but it could also require us to dig up our past a bit to figure out where our not-so-good traits or habits stem from. Criticism from loved ones could actually be well received at this time, as we are all interested in learning more about ourselves to let go of unhealthy or self-destructive patterns trapping us. Go inward and contemplate. Much can be accomplished with very little energy at this time.


Keep your eyes peeled for signs from the universe as the void-of-course moon quincunxes Uranus in Aries at 7:58 PM. Think before you act and dig into the source of your impulses, as they may reveal an unresolved aspect of the past. Individual Uranus has our freak flag flying high at this time, but it is important to find a balance between being your authentic self and success. Although this path is a difficult one, it is possible for everyone to achieve.


Old wounds or unpacked baggage is likely to crop up when the void-of-course moon transits opposite of the comet Chiron retrograde Pisces at 8:11 PM. Whether it’s a text from an ex, a phone call from an estranged family member, stumbling across a photo that triggers happy memories or having your kryptonite offered to you – do not act! Instead, identify the string that attaches you to the person or thing. What are you running from? Are you trying to fill a void with false intimacy instead of caring for yourself? Why does it bother you so? Only then can we cut the cord and be free once and for all.


At 10:03 PM, the moon enters beauty-loving Libra. Hopefully you tidied up your space during the Virgo moon because although the Libra moon craves organization, it’s not necessarily the best sign for achieving it. Under this moon, it is easier to acknowledge our emotions as a separate entity and set them aside to solve problems diplomatically. However, indecision lurks due to the enhanced ability of weighing the pros and cons of all situations.

This moon is a great time to pamper yourself and spark new life into your relationships. Due to the juicious nature of the scales, working in teams will also be much easier at this time so go ahead and get to work on those lingering projects. You can tap into or enhance the energy of the Libra moon by carrying or wearing agate, aventurine or peridot.


Are you sure that’s how the story goes? With Mercury in Aquarius forming a semi-square with Jupiter in Sagittarius at 10:18 PM, exaggeration seems to be a common trend so fact-check and question everything you read and hear today. We may feel overwhelmed with all the information we’re fed today, thanks to the influence of expansionist Jupiter who is causing restless minds. Mundane chores will be much harder to accomplish thanks to the short attention spans granted by this aspect. This could lead to carelessness so double check your work and be careful not to overlook the details.

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