Something’s got to give as the Virgo moon quincunxes the Aquarius Sun at 2:12 AM CST. The 150° separating two celestial bodies forming a quincunx points out a missing puzzle piece in our life. To solve it, two very different energies must be integrated. This morning, we may find that thoughts and feelings are unaligned as the sun represents ego while the moon is connected to emotion. To avoid discomfort, we must choose to either express our feelings or change the way we think about them.


It’s a good time to stray away from routine under the 5:14 AM Mercury in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries. Squares, a 90° angle between two celestial bodies, reveal obstacles we may not have seen – and today, it looks like that roadblock is our usual day-to-day. Uranus loves the unexpected so mix it up. Drive a different way to work. Drop by to visit someone you haven’t seen in a while or start a conversation with a stranger. Just watch what you say because with Mercury feeling the tension, our normal filters may be down, making us seem rude. We are likely to suffer from impatience and a short attention span under this aspect. On the upside, this aspect is ripe for epiphanies.


A cooperative sextile forms between Mercury in Capricorn and the comet Chiron, currently retrograde in Pisces, at 6:27 AM. Sextiles occur when two celestial bodies are 60° apart, working together to add reinforcements to areas in our life prone to weakness. With Mercury, the planet of communication, working together with Chiron, often acting as a bridge between the past and future as it orbits between Saturn and Uranus, we will be presented with an opportunity to open up. Take advantage of this, as it will be easier than ever to articulate our deepest emotions. Chiron, the wounded healer, wants us to think about and address the root cause of our pain.


A 7:31 AM Virgo Moon sesquiquadrate Pluto in Capricorn reminds us to take a chill pill before jumping to conclusions today. When two celestial bodies form a sesquiquadrate at 135° of separation, they reveal disappointment and frustration caused by exaggeration or misunderstandings. Release resentment and relentlessly pursue your goals.


Reminding us to stay flexible, Mercury in Capricorn semi-squares Neptune in rulership Pisces at 7:06 PM. Forming a 45° angle between two celestial bodies, semi-squares reveal situations we have failed to learn from, often where we have insanely tried the same thing over and over again. Double check your work today because this aspect is sure to make your brain a little foggy under Neptune’s reality-blurring influence.


We may feel uninhibited under the 7:24 PM Virgo Moon sesquiquadrate Uranus in Aries. With this spark of spontaneity, however, come impatience and sudden outbursts. Make sure you practice self-control and do your best to channel these energies into something productive, like pitching your ideas to a client or potential collaborator. Humor is favored at this time.


Business endeavors and personal life align under the 7:57 PM Virgo moon trine Saturn in rulership Capricorn. Letting go of old habits and heartstrings allows you to create productive habits. Keep building upon this foundation you’ve laid. It just takes a little hard work – and there’s no need to sacrifice your emotional security in the process. Devote time to your loved ones today and trust your business will continue to grow.


Don’t be disillusioned by your fantasies when the Virgo moon and Neptune in Pisces go opposite at 8:56 PM. In astrology, oppositions occur when two celestial bodies are separated by 180° or six signs. There is always a conflict between these two energies. In this case, what we expect or perceive may not be an accurate reflection of reality. Now is not the time to dabble in escapist tendencies. Do your best to find the line between fact and fiction.


Virgo moon sesquiquadrate Mercury in Capricorn at 9:30 PM may have us in a frenzy. Our minds may be stuck trying to accomplish something that just isn’t possible at this time. Calm down and utilize the refined energy of the Virgo moon for something else. Surely, you can think of something practical and productive to work on that will yield tangible results.


Our final aspect of the day at 10:26 PM, Virgo Moon quincunx Mars in rulership Aries, reminds us that we can’t take on the world alone. Now is a good time to divvy out tasks. Things are likely to get done much faster this way. With service and responsibility top of mind, the fiery energy of Mars in Aries will guide us into a leadership role to delegate what needs to be done. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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