When the planet of love, Venus, and ruler of expansion, Jupiter, meet in Sagittarius at 6:27 AM, it opens our hearts – and wallets. Conjunctions occur when two celestial bodies transit in the same sign, uniting their energies but sometimes creating carelessness in the process. In this case, we are likely to become too generous. Be careful not to overspend or overexaggerate today. Focus instead on forming new beginnings or renewing old ones.


Loyal, independent Leo moon quincunxes intense underworld ruler Pluto in Capricorn at 7:37 AM. Feeding off the energy of Venus conjunct Jupiter, this aspect may have us desperately trying to fill what we perceive as a void in ourselves rather than taking the time to heal. Again: watch out for overindulgence. Maybe you eat because you’re sad and are sad because you eat. Maybe drugs help you escape from the problems haunting you in reality. Or maybe you’re head over heels in lust without realizing your relationship lacks any real intimacy. Recognize the root cause of your emptiness, break free from bad patterns and embrace the first step of your healing journey.


A conversation may lead to confusion when the Leo moon quincunx Mercury in Capricorn at 6:09 PM. Don’t read too far into things. The combination of Mercury, planet of communication, and fiercely independent Leo may locked in our minds more than we realize, making it easy to read too far between the lines. Do your best to clarify any misunderstandings and express feelings of discomfort or frustration as they arise.


Say, “Bye, Leo,” as the moon goes void-of-course at 7:21 PM – but don’t lose the fiery confidence in your natural abilities the lion bestowed upon you the past few days. Keep on rocking while the moon transits to Virgo – but don’t make any big decisions or sudden changes, like chopping your hair off or getting a new tattoo. Now is just not the right time.


We get a true feeling of equality in the world when the void-of-course moon trines Uranus in Aries at 7:21 PM, granting us the uncanny ability to form a new friendship with someone completely unexpected. Uranus and the unexpected go hand-in-hand. With the fiery influence of Aries, we are likely to really escape our comfort zone and put ourselves out there today. Just remember not to judge a book by its cover.


Heartstrings may be tugged at 7:28 when the void-of-course moon quincunxes Chiron, which is currently retrograde in Pisces. Don’t let the past hold you back and don’t hold people to unrealistically high expectations. Love them for who they are, not who you want them to be. And if you meet someone new, don’t compare them to characters of the past. We have to move forward and acknowledge the past will only drag us back. Open yourself up to receiving love. Don’t push it away.


Jupiter’s influence hits us again as the planet forms a sesquiquadrate with the void-of-course moon at 7:44 PM. Keep an eye on your personal belongings because we may be more forgetful than usual. And again, as the Jupiter-Venus Sagittarius conjunction warns, stick to your boundaries and budget. Monetary losses are a common symptom of this aspect so don’t make any decisions to borrow or lend at this time.


Don’t beat yourself up. Self-analysis is likely to happen under the 9:13 PM void-of-course moon sesquiquadrate Mars in rulership Aries. Mars’ aggressive influence may have the chillest of us feeling impatient with ourselves, wondering why we’re not 10 steps ahead of where we currently stand? Rein in this frustration and channel it into making a battle plan. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time hypothetically banging your head against the wall, hurting yourself.


The moon enters earthy Virgo at 9:23 PM, signalling a time for us to adjust, clean and refine. Focusing on self-improvement during this transit will have a higher chance of success and we’ll find it much easier to get “in the zone” than usual, helping us bang out chores and get to what we really want to be doing. Make a list of things you have to do that feel like picking pepper out of fly poop because this moon loves time-consuming activities that require extreme concentration. House cleaning may turn into a satisfying activity. Maybe it’s time to take those Christmas decorations down. Focus on all aspects of your health, break things into baby steps and just keep trying.

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