Emotions run high today with the total eclipse of the Super Blood Wolf Moon in Leo effects lingering. The full moon compels us to make positive changes in our life and push past the obstacles holding us back from achieving our aspirations.


A 5:49 AM square between Saturn in rulership Capricorn and Mars in rulership Aries drives us to clearly identify an obstacle standing between us and our dreams and figure out a way around it. Celestial bodies forming squares are three signs or 90° apart. Integration of Mars’ and Saturn’s energies can be used to resolve a problem or make a decision under this aspect.

Just like the full moon, this aspect may compel us to take the time to figure out what the next steps are in reaching our Aggressive Mars in Aries inspires us to assert ourselves and take whatever action is necessary to get where we want to go while Saturn in Capricorn helps us keep focus on our mission.


At 7:39 PM, the Leo Moon will sesquiquadrate Chiron which is currently retrograding in Pisces. Named after the knowledgeable and nurturing centaur from Greek mythology, Chiron is a minor planet orbiting between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron is dualistic, representing traumas we carry as well as our healing path forward.

A sesquiquadrate is the sum of a semi-square and a square or 135°  of separation between the two celestial bodies. Conflict arises with this aspect, requiring us to take control. Finding balance and breaking our not-so-good habits has been a theme over this past week that continues still under this aspect. Be honest with yourself about what you need to continue forward on your path of purpose.


Thoughts and feelings may be at odds under the Leo Moon quincunx Saturn in rulership Capricorn at 7:48 PM. Quincunxes occur when two celestial bodies are 150° or five signs apart. During this aspect, a shift in perspective is likely to cause two unrelated areas of life to collide. Maybe during an err of confidence (Leo) you’ll find the plans you made under the Capricorn New Moon were too broad or vague, requiring you to either set limits or think bigger (Saturn.) Pay attention to what is hindering you from being better than you were yesterday and work to find a resolution – even if it means starting from scratch.


When two fire signs meet in a harmonious aspect like the 8:20 PM Leo Moon trine Mars in rulership Aries, things are sure to heat up. Leo boosts our self-confidence and emphasizes natural talents while Mars pushes us to assert ourselves, meaning we could make some serious progress pushing past obstacles. Mars also motivates us to hone our talents through practice, helping us find the discipline we may have been lacking to pick something back up or get back to work after a rather lazy weekend. Either way, take advantage of this time and be productive.


Are you projecting? Leo Moon quincunx Neptune in rulership Pisces – the master of illusions – suggests we are holding ourselves and others to unrealistic standards. When we fail to live up to these standards, we are overwhelmed with grief and guilt. Accept your authentic self and watch as your daily life becomes a beautiful reflection.


Relax and have fun when the Leo Moon trines Venus in Sagittarius at 10:45 PM. We are more accepting of others and others under this aspect, making us more attractive to friends and strangers alike. If you’re in the dating world, this is a great night to go out. Take a moment to appreciate what you find beautiful under this aspect whether it be through art, home decorating, fashion, et cetera.

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