As many of us slept at 2:45 AM CST, the Scorpio Moon formed a sesquiquadrate with the comet Chiron which is currently retrograde in Pisces. When a celestial body is retrograde, it appears to be moving backwards from our vantage here on Earth.

Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus, making it metaphorically the bridge between past and future. It is also dualistically symbolic of our deepest traumas as well as our healing journey. On February 18, Chiron will enter Aries but until then, it is inhabiting the very intuitive, sensitive water sign Pisces.

Generally thought of as a difficult dynamic, the sesquiquadrate – a minor aspect in astrology – occurs when two celestial bodies are separated by 135°. Their energies are conflicting, requiring us to take control. In this case, the transiting Scorpio moon is influencing our emotions – especially the deepest, darkest ones as the zodiac’s scorpion, ruled by Pluto of the underworld, loves secrets and shadows. Coming into conflict with Chiron the “wounded healer” suggests something may trigger us today – something that puts us right back in our oldest, most severe traumas that haven’t been worked through.

The only solution is to work our way out of this labyrinth of suffering. In order to heal, the trauma must first be acknowledged and then be resolved. But resolution does not come from acting out, in our physical world. It stems from within. If you can get to the root of your trauma, to the exact cause of this confliction, only then can you start to move forward on your healing path. Otherwise, the wound will be salted again and again – especially whenever the moon forms trying aspects with Chiron.


Today has the potential to be productive as the Scorpio Moon sextiles Saturn in rulership Capricorn at 3:46 AM. A rulership refers to a zodiac sign’s ruling planet. Each sign is attributed to a planet, its ruler, with which it shares characteristics. In this case, stable, stubborn Capricorn is ruled by the disciplined authoritarian Saturn.

Sextiles are a major aspect in astrology when the energies of two celestial bodies work together for a common good. Oftentimes under this aspect, connections are established and opportunities seized. With an affinity for the darkest areas of life, the Scorpio influence on the moon and therefore our instincts likely reminds us of our dirtiest spaces today – mentally, spiritually and physically. Taskmaster Saturn boosted by its transit through Capricorn may offer us the perfect solution through divine intervention for cleaning any messes that have gone ignored. Keep busy and don’t overthink! Let this cosmic energy flow through you and purge, purge, purge.


Do you have a dream journal? If so, make sure you record what you remember from your journey through sleep world last night – and if you don’t, maybe jot down descriptors on a scrap piece of paper. Our dreams likely contained plenty of subconscious messaging thanks to the Scorpio Moon trine Neptune, the planet of dreams, in rulership Pisces at 4:15 AM. A planet’s energies are enhanced while transiting through its rulership.

Another major astrological aspect, a trine is formed when two celestial bodies are 120°  apart. This aspect keeps the energies flowing smoothly. Things fall into place naturally at this time, which is why you should do your best to remember and record your dream. Interpreting its meaning will be easier than normal, even for those who don’t normally analyze their dreams.


Think before acting impulsively tonight under the 11:22 AM quincunx between the Scorpio Moon and Mars in rulership Aries, A quincunx occurs when two celestial bodies form a 150°  angle five signs apart, bringing about difficulties between the two energies. Oftentimes, our actions during this time will trigger an unexpected event. To be rewarded by this trying aspect, you’ll have to pay close attention and find the hidden link between the two seemingly unrelated occurrences.

Mars, the God of War, drives us to act. Fueled by the fiery Aries, it really draws out our primal instincts: namely fight or flight and sexuality. Finding itself at odds with the Scorpio Moon, it seems we may be itching to jump on our darkest desires. Only you can decide the pros and cons of doing such things. But remember: inaction is still a decision you make. Chances are feeding off temptation at this time will yield unsatisfying results falling far below our expectations.


Another sextile occurs this evening at 4:39 PM when the Scorpio Moon sextiles Pluto in Pisces. True feelings will be exposed in our relationships. Whether they fill your heart with joy or slice you to the bone, knowing the truth will be incredibly beneficial. Only with the truth set free can we allow this relationship to blossom and grow or wither and die. Either way, it will be freeing. Don’t be surprised if something stale takes on a sudden new life.


The Pluto sextile is the final aspect of the moon’s time in Scorpio, as goes void of course at 4:29 PM. When the moon is “void of course,” it means it will form no more aspects with other celestial bodies while stationed in this zodiac sign. Although the moon is still technically transiting through Scorpio until it enters Sagittarius at 8:33 AM tomorrow, the void-of-course moon is generally viewed as a neutral time with no zodiac attribution.

With no planetary energies to draw from, the void-of-course period is seen as a time to meditate rather than act. At best, decisions made or projects started under a void of course moon will be unsuccessful. But unfortunately, starting something under a void-of-course moon generally results in mayhem requiring us to start it from scratch later or spend a lot of time fixing whatever gets destroyed in its path.

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