Communication may seem empty and hollow in our relationships as the day begins with a semi-square between Mercury, the planet of communication, in Capricorn and Venus, the planet of love, in Sagittarius at 5:45 AM CST. A semi-square is a minor aspect in astrology occurring when two celestial bodies are 45° apart (half the 90° angle of a square.) This aspect generally indicates blocked energy and obstacles. The blockage likely lies within our selves but is manifesting itself in the world around us. Persistence is key in solving these matters.


At 8:33 AM, the last-quarter moon enters fire sign Sagittarius. Like the arrow shot forth from its bow, Sagittarius propels us into motion, getting us out of any areas – mentally, physically or spiritually – where we’ve felt stuck. Ruled by expansionist Jupiter, our big picture view will become much clearer under this moon, making it easier to problem solve or piece together long-term plans. Embrace your adventurous side these next few days.


When two fire signs interact, things are bound to get hot. When the Sagittarius Moon and Mars in rulership Aries form a sesquiquadrate at 5:08 PM, we may start to feel wherever we’ve been pouring our energy has given us nothing in return. Sesquiquadrates, another minor astrological aspect, indicate 135° separation between two celestial bodies, bringing up complications. The two energies are disconnected and may seem unrelated. In this case, passionate Mars fueled by Aries, the sign it rules, which inspires us to get aggressive and take action is pitted against the friendly albeit impatient Sagittarius Moon. The best thing to do is simply let go of what is no longer serves us and place our energy elsewhere.


When the planet controlling our fascinations moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius at 8:52 PM, Mercury forms a conjunction with the Sun. Celestial bodies are conjunct when stationed in the same sign, uniting their energies. With the Sun, symbolic of the ego, combined with the planet of knowledge, Mercury, this aspect can be incredibly helpful in facilitating successful business endeavors. Airy Aquarius helps our individuality shine, allowing us to bring our own original ideas to whatever table we may find ourselves sitting at tonight.


Harking back to the first aspect of the day, a Mercury-Venus semi-square, emotions run high as the Sagittarius Moon forms a semi-square with Pluto in rulership Pisces at 9:04 PM. Do your best to control yourself and distance yourself from others if you find yourself trapped in dark, aggravated thoughts. We are likely to feel threatened at this time in one way or another. Retreat is the best option as speaking our minds at this time will likely cause further problems.

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