Today is filled with opportunities as the Sagittarius Moon sextiles the Sun in Aquarius at 4:04 AM CST, an aspect known to align the head and the heart. A soft astrological aspect, the sextile occurs when two celestial bodies form a 60° angle, allowing the energies to work together in perfect harmony. With the emotional Moon in friendly Sagittarius and natural leader, Sun, in individualist Aquarius, our innate powers will shine to friends and strangers alike. Pull some strings and watch as doors open before your very eyes.


Communication and memory are enhanced on all planes as the Sagittarius Moon sextiles Mercury in Aquarius at 4:32 AM. Take advantages of the effects of this aspect – which last around 12 hours – by socializing. Good advice and viable information wait in the most unlikely of places. Don’t discount anything you hear!


The day’s first complicated aspect arises at 11:06 AM under the Sagittarius Moon sesquiquadrate Uranus in Aries, revealing areas of disappointment or frustration. Two celestial bodies station 135° apart when forming a sesquiquadrate. Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected, is fired up under Aries’ influence, which – combined with the Sagittarius Moon begging us to let loose and release our wild side – could push us to act impulsively. Just remember every action has an opposite and equal reaction.


More difficulties lay in wait as the Sagittarius Moon forms a square with Neptune in rulership Pisces at 1:07 PM. Each zodiac sign is associated with a ruling planet to which it shares characteristics. In this case, artistic, imaginative Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the escapist planet of dreams. Under a square, celestial bodies are separated by 90°, revealing a lesson we have yet to learn. Turn this aspect around by breaking self-destructive patterns and avoiding your vices.


When celestial bodies are conjunct, they sit side by side in the sky, stationed and aligned in the same sign. Their energies are emphasized and work together. At 6:24 PM, the Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Jupiter. Unfortunately, paired with the Moon-Neptune square, this aspect enables debauchery. Escapist tendencies will seem more alluring than usual and self-control will be nowhere to be found thanks to the expansionist Jupiter, leading more than likely to over-indulgence.

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