Our day kicks off with a huge aspect: Saturn in rulership Capricorn forms an exact sextile with Neptune in rulership Pisces at 8:13 AM. When a planet is in its rulership, it is stationed and currently transiting through the zodiac sign it has been paired with. Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac has a ruling planet with which it shares attributes. Taskmaster Saturn rules empirical Capricorn while imaginative Neptune rules the dreamer Pisces.

Sextiles are a positive astrological aspect occurring when celestial bodies form a 60° angle – plus or minus 5° to 6°. Their energies work well together at this time, although it takes awareness and effort on our part. Good help is easy to find under a sextile, as is working with others.

When an astrological aspect is exact, it means the celestial bodies are exactly 60° apart – making their combined energies far more powerful than usual. Mark your calendars as an exact sextile between Saturn and Neptune will occur twice more this year on June 18 and November 8.

With discipline, determination and proper utilization of this magickal threefold aspect, 2019 could be the year your wildest dreams came true. Thinking long term is important now. Capricorn reminds us we need a realistic plan while Saturn encourages us to set limitations in order to concentrate our focus on what matters most. Pisces seeks to set the soul free through artistic creation while Neptune’s influence may tempt us to seek a muse in the midst of distraction. Perfectionist Saturn expects great results – the greatest, in fact – but will have to keep escapist Neptune in check to reach those high standards.

Use this aspect to manifest wealth doing what you love. For extra oomph, add a little magick to your daily routine today through self-love rituals, prayer, meditation – whatever brings you joy and makes you feel at the top of your game. Although not a particularly social aspect, you may find yourself running into likeminded people or learning about organizations you want to join. This is also an ideal time to look into buying or building a home! Basically, start turning your love into something tangible.


At 11:35 AM, the moon and Venus conjunct in Sagittarius. Celestial bodies are conjunct when stationed within 8˚ of each other as they transit through the same sign. In the sky, they appear side by side. Their energies are united and stimulated by one another. Feeding off of the productive energy from the Saturn-Neptune exact sextile earlier, Venus encourages us to find pleasure through brainstorming ideas and learning. Of course, under the Sagittarian influence, we’ll find extra enjoyment trying new and unusual activities.


Find a quiet, comfortable place to be alone and get to work under the 11:59 AM Sagittarius Moon semi-square Sun in Aquarius. In astrology, a semi-square is a minor aspect occurring when two celestial bodies are 45˚ apart – half of the 90˚ angle of the square, a major aspect. Obstacles are revealed during the semi-square, forcing us to adapt or change plans. With the moon, ruler of emotions, and sun representing the ego forming this tension-driven aspect, we may find that the biggest obstacle in our way is actually our selves. Use this time to reflect and sort out internal strife.


Independently retreating to a creative, productive space may be viewed as cold or distant by those unfamiliar with today’s planetary forecast. While it is possible to explain yourself to them, it won’t be without incredible patience and effort under the Sagittarius Moon semi-square with Mercury thanks to the influence of aloof, babbling Aquarius where the planet of communication is currently stationed. Focusing on what you hope to accomplish is the most productive option right now. You can talk to everyone later. Don’t waste a drop of today’s energy worrying about what others think of you!


The final aspect before the moon goes void of course is when the Sagittarius Moon trines Uranus in Aries at 4:33 PM. One of the major astrological aspects, a trine occurs when celestial bodies form a 120˚ angle and is thought to be a time when the two energies flow effortlessly. Even the most unpolished natural gifts and talents shine under this aspect. With Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected, stationed in fiery impulsive Aries, we may be struck by a spark of genius that helps us move forward with our 2019 dreams.


The moon goes void of course at 4:33 PM. A void-of-course moon occurs when there are no further astrological aspects between celestial bodies and the moon while it finishes transiting through the sign it currently inhabits, meaning we are still under a Sagittarius Moon until luna enters Capricorn at 6:48 PM.

Starting something new or making big decisions is generally not advised while the moon is void of course. Just as the moon is no longer working, per say, neither should you. This is a time to meditate, catch up on your rest and plan for tomorrow since there is no aspect driving results. If you decide to take on something important at this time, it may lead to chaos, causing you to have to start from scratch another day or, worse yet, damage control.


At 6:48 PM, the Moon enters Capricorn. This business-oriented Earth sign kicks us into a more productive space, especially in the home which, like emotions, is ruled by the moon. Under this transit, we’ll be focusing more on long-term goals and our budget. Practicality is top of mind for the zodiac’s sea goat. Strengthen Capricorn’s energy by carrying, wearing or meditating with garnet, lapis lazuli or onyx.

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