Mercury is currently stationed right between Saturn and Neptune today, harnessing from the powerful energy of yesterday’s exact sexttile. At 8:07 AM CST, the day kicks off with a minor astrological aspect: Mercury in Aquarius semi-square Chiron, which is currently retrograde in Pisces. A semi-square occurs when celestial bodies form a 45˚ angle – half of a 90˚ square. This aspect generally focuses on blocked energy or areas of life where we need to make changes in order to move forward.

Chiron, a comet orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, symbolically bridges the past and future. Named after one of Sagittarius’ companions, Chiron is known as the “wounded healer” due to its dualistic nature dealing with both trauma and healing. Pitted against the energy of Mercury, the planet of communication, knowledge and memory, we are likely to think back to the past under this aspect – and not the good parts.

Any linger anger, bitterness and guilt is likely to flare up. Don’t be surprised if someone you have yet to forgive for hurting you reaches out during this aspect. We may blame them for our festering wounds but the truth is we control our suffering. And healing is as simple as letting go.


More challenges await during today’s second and final aspect when Mars in rulership Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn at 9:13 PM. Each zodiac sign is paired with a planet with which it shares attributes. This is the sign’s ruling planet and, on the other hand, the sign is the planet’s rulership.  In this case, aggressive Mars is right at home in headstrong, self-sufficient Aries.

As previously mentioned, a square is a major astrological aspect occurring when celestial bodies form a right angle – plus or minus an orb of 8˚. Energies involved with squares tend to be in disagreement with one another, representing areas of our life that are out of balance or in disarray. But the good news is difficulties arising under this aspect are likely to kick our butts into gear and provoke us to change.

Aggressive Mars, combined with Aries’ influence, hates not being in control, calling on us to take back the reins of whatever situations are troubling us. Unfortunately, following this instinct could lead to unnecessary arguments and confrontations. Others will likely test you today. Stand your ground and try not to make any new enemies.

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