Watch out, Starshine. Chances are you’re ferociously projecting today under Venus in Sagittarius semi-square with the Sun in Aquarius at 1:22 AM. A semi-square is a minor astrological aspect occurring when celestial bodies form a 45˚ angle with one another. It is half of the major aspect square. While Venus, the planet of attachments, transits through adventurous Sagittarius, we find ourselves longing for fairy-tale love and adventure. This is exacerbated by the Sun, ruler of self-esteem, transiting through unconventional Aquarius.

If you’re active on social media, consider taking a break today as you are more likely than usual to endlessly scroll and compare your life with the reflection of others’. It’s a trap, Moonbeam! Never compare yourself and always remember the shallow reality of social networks. Needless to say, under this aspect, there’s a high probability we’ll feel unhappy with our life at some point or another. Now is a great time to whip out an old gratitude journal or start a new one to combat this dissatisfaction. Life itself is a blessing!

If journaling isn’t for you, make a change today. Take yourself on an adventure. Try something new. Smile at strangers. Help someone else. Whatever you choose, do not wallow in your misery. Only you control your suffering, so pay attention to the negative thoughts in your head as well as where you’re choosing to place blame on others and know that you’re projecting. Release whatever is holding you back – anger, guilt, fear – and accept love.


At 2:14 PM, we enter a very feely aspect: Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto. When celestial bodies are conjunct, they appear side by side in the sky, separated by 0˚ in the same zodiac sign. Their energies are united under this aspect. Moon, ruler of emotions, and Pluto, planet of the subconscious, are powered by earthy Capricorn. Feelings will be uncovered and, following in the aftermath of this morning’s Venus-Sun semi-square, the theme is likely to revolve around personal achievement thanks to practical Capricorn’s influence. Again, don’t wallow or idle. Keeping busy is the best way to keep the feels at bay.


Here to answer our cry for help, the kick in the butt we need to stay busy on this introspective, self-critical day is Capricorn Moon square Mars in rulership Aries at 3:13 PM. Squares are a major astrological aspect in which celestial bodies form a right angle, 90˚ apart. This aspect is associated with motivating change through suffering. Sure, it sounds bad – but change is necessary and good!

Each zodiac sign has a ruling planet with which it shares attributes. In this case, impulsive fire sign Aries is ruled by the aggressive go-getter Mars. And with the Moon in responsible Capricorn, helping us focus on efficient accomplishments, the tension building between these two may be exactly what we need to get something done and feel good about the now.


The day comes full circle under the 5:42 PM Venus in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries – and with air sign Sagittarius fanning Aries’ flames, it’s sure to be powerful. Trines are a major astrological aspect when celestial bodies are 120˚ apart. Energies work together during this time to present opportunities allowing us to showcase our natural talents. Anything is possible now thanks to the influence of Uranus, planet of the unexpected – especially in combination with daredevil Sagi influencing the planet of love.

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