During the early morning hours, the Moon and Mercury appeared next to each other in the night sky as they formed a conjunction in Aquarius at 1:11 AM CST. A conjunction is a major astrological aspect occurring when celestial bodies are separated by 0˚ to 8˚ while transiting through the same sign. The energies of these solar bodies work together by bolstering and feeding off one another.

This aspect isn’t a great time for making big decisions as our heads are likely to be frolicking through nostalgic la la land. However, it is a great time to connect with people – especially bonding with friends and family. Aquarius is all about individuality. Combined with the powers of Moon, an emotional influencer, and articulate, knowledgeable Mercury, now is a great time to be honest with people about both joys and concerns. Hopefully, they offer you honesty in return.


Air fans flame as the Aquarius Moon sextiles Mars in rulership Aries at 7:30 AM, starting the day off with more cooperative aspects. When a planet is in its rulership, it means it is transiting through the zodiac sign it rules. Each zodiac sign has been paired with a ruling planet with which it shares characteristics. In this case, fiery, headstrong Aries is ruled by aggressive, action-oriented Mars.

When a sextile occurs, celestial bodies form a 60˚ angle. This aspect generally revolves around creating flow through opportunities. Don’t be discouraged if you hear the word “no” today. When one door closes, another opens. Taking options off the table by getting definitive “no” answers today will help you focus on viable possibilities.


Another favorable aspect occurs this evening when the Aquarius Moon sextiles Uranus in Aries at 6:00 PM, just before going void of course. Again with the opportunities. Don’t be surprised if one pops up out of nowhere – that’s Uranus’ work. Always expect the unexpected when Uranus gets involved.


At 6:00 PM, the Moon goes void of course. Although the moon is still transiting through Aquarius until it enters Pisces later, the term void of course means there will be no more aspects under this sign. Void-of-course moons are transitional periods good for relaxation and reflection. Consider everything you learned today regarding your available or new opportunities. Just don’t make any big decisions or start a new project because they will likely wind up creating nothing but a big mess for you to clean up later.


Two hours later, the Moon enters gentle, creative Pisces at 8:03 PM. This is a transcendent transit favoring creation, daydreaming and rest. Use the next two days under the Pisces Moon to brainstorm and let your imagination soar. You never know what great ideas might pop into your head. Carry or wear jade to get in tune with Pisces’ dreamy vibes.


Keep your feet on the ground, daydreamer, as the 9:05 PM Pisces Moon semi-square Saturn in rulership Capricorn reminds us of any responsibilities requiring our attention. Half of the major astrological aspect of a square which occurs when celestial bodies create a right angle, the semi-square occurs at 45˚ and reveals obstacles in our path requiring us to adapt. Failure to keep up with our daily tasks will likely have a heavy impact tomorrow.

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