Consider the give and take in your current relationships. Are you putting in more than you’re getting out of them or could it be the other way around? Do you argue your loved ones into a corner, unwilling to compromise? Something’s got to give, starshine, and things will likely come to a head under the 11:47 AM Aries Moon semi-square Mercury in Aquarius

Reminding us change is a necessary component, a semi-square occurs when celestial bodies are 45˚ apart. It is literally half of a square, a major astrological aspect we’ll see later today occurring when planets form a right angle. This aspect implements tension to create transformation in our lives.

With the emotional influencer, Moon, stationed in fiery Aries, the fuse is already lit. Words could be sharp, blunt and cut like knives at this time. But Knowledgeable Mercury, the planet of communication, is currently stationed in empathic Aquarius. This transit reminds us to hold our tongue and listen. If it hurts, it contains an element of truth. Only by listening and paying attention to our emotional reactions can we figure out what to do next on the path forward.


Sticks and stones! We’ve got work to do and the Aries Moon square Saturn in rulership Capricorn at 4:07 PM is exactly the aspect we need to get it done. When a planet is in its rulership, it is transiting through its associated zodiac sign. All 12 signs have been paired with a ruling planet, all of which have similar characteristics. In this case, responsible Saturn rules Capricorn, the disciplined, stable sea goat.

As previously mentioned, a square occurs when celestial bodies are 90˚ apart. Ever notice yourself doing the same stupid thing over and over? It could be something harmless like forgetting to brush your teeth in the morning or something a bit more serious, like giving into your darkest temptations. This aspect is known to be difficult, however, and its force driving us to escape old cycles usually hurts.

No pain, no gain. The Aries energy of the Moon helps us persevere through whatever this aspect throws at us while Saturn, bolstered by Capricorn, enhances our concentration. Now is time to focus on the future. The only time is now and the only direction we can move is forward, so forget the past and release all ties to it. Do whatever you’ve got to do to get where you want to go.


Within the hour, Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Uranus in Aries at 4:54 PM. Opportunities arise under this soft aspect, the sextile, which occurs when celestial bodies are separated by 60˚. But you’ve got to put in some work. Thanks to the Moon-Saturn square, we are more likely than usual to put in our full effort and get things done. Action and inaction both have consequences.

Uranus connects us to the future and inspires us to think outside the box. Fueled by fiery Aries, the planet of the unexpected boosts intuition which could lead to some powerful potentials. The flames are fanned by air sign Aquarius, where Mercury is currently transiting, which eases communication on all levels. Now is a good time to reach out to contacts who may be able to help in our endeavors. Ask and you shall receive!


Natural talents are in the spotlight under the Aries Moon trine Saturn in rulership Capricorn at 10:43 PM. One of the major astrological aspects, the favorable trine occurs when celestial bodies make a 120˚ angle. Reminding us to believe in ourselves, this aspect is a great time to go for the gold and embrace our gifts. Too often we choose a treacherous path of difficulty when the path of least resistance is actually the better choice.

This transit grants us the strength to handle whatever painful revelations may have come about earlier today – especially when the Moon and Saturn were square – as well as the patience needed to forgive ourselves and get back on track.

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