Taurus Moon sesquiquadrate Saturn in rulership Capricorn at 4:04 AM is the first of only two aspects today. When a sesquiquadrate occurs, celestial bodies are 135˚ apart. It’s not a pretty number and it’s not a pretty time. Disappointment and frustration are on the mind at this time, but we are likely to blow things out of proportion. Try to remember that when you start getting down on yourself and feeling like a complete failure. Chill out, it’s not true!

With the Moon in grounded Taurus and Saturn in equally disciplind Capricorn, themes of this aspect are likely to revolve around business and personal success. Feeling behind or unsatisfied where you stand is completely normal. In fact, it’s healthy. It means you’re striving to grow and aren’t falling into complacency. So when feelings of self-doubt creep up on you today, don’t give in to them! Just get busy.


Our second and final aspect of the day is Taurus Moon trine Venus in Capricorn at 12:40 PM. A trine is a harmonious major astrological aspect when celestial bodies are separated by 120˚, using their energies to illuminate the path of least resistance for us. Now is the time to act, as natural talents shine bright – even the most unpolished of them. Moon, influencer of emotions, is stationed in laid back Taurus while Venus, ruler of beauty, love and relationships is settled in strict Capricorn. Now is a great time to focus on aesthetics. Work on your appearance or clean and redecorate your home.

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