What a great way to start the day under Taurus Moon trine Saturn in rulership Capricorn at 2:07 AM CST. Now, you may be wondering how this aspect starts the day since most of us were probably asleep at this hour. You don’t have to be awake during these aspects to be influenced by their energies! Their effects actually linger for about 12 hours.

A trine, one of the major astrological aspects, occurs when celestial bodies are 120˚ apart. Their energies are thought to harmonize during this time. Trines sometimes present us with opportunities to display our talents. If this is the case, take it. Even the most unpolished, least disciplined gifts of ours shine brightly at this time.

And when a planet is in rulership, it means it is transiting through the zodiac sign it rules. Each of the 12 zodiacs is paired with a planet from our Solar System which it shares a lot of commonalities. In this case, strict, successful Saturn rules the stable, stubborn sea goat Capricorn.

This aspect is most advantageous for those with a structured day ahead of them, as grounded Taurus’ influence on the Moon inclines us to focus on commitments, finances and generally productive activities. Saturn is really in tune with these things. As long as you have a plan for success, today is sure to feel successful.


We want to understand the world around us but forget it starts within during a minor astrological aspect, Taurus Moon quincunx Jupiter in rulership Sagittarius at 8:37 AM. A quincunx occurs when celestial bodies form a 150˚angle and since they’re not visible to each other in the sky, To make matters more complicated, Taurus, a fixed earth sign, would already seem to have problems understanding a mutable fire sign like Sagittariusarius. Mutable signs are mediators, keen on adapting and staying flexible while fixed signs are quite the opposite – determined, persistent and incredibly stubborn.

This is a time to find balance. Noble Jupiter wants to guide us on the path to our highest self while Taurus Moon simply wants comfort. Integration is key. As I mentioned before, change, love, understanding – whatever we’re seeking today, it starts from within. Broken promises and plans that never came to fruition may be topics of conversation today. Now is the time to start fresh. Forgive yourself for mistakese of the past, release them and focus on being more reliable from this point forward.


Another happy trine! At 12:55 PM, the Taurus Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn. Again, Taurus Moon wants us a leisurely, cozy mood and transformational Pluto is here to helps us take charge and create it ourselves. With the influence of Capricorn, now is a great time for decluttering – physically or emotionally, as Pluto hardens our sensitivities so we can clearly see where our power struggles lie. The only way to get the ball rolling on what’s most important to you is to clear the path in front of it. Clear your spaces!


At 4:28, the Taurus Moon squares Aquarius Sun, forming our final aspect before Luna goes void of course. Another major astrological aspect, the square occurs when celestial bodies form a right angle. This aspect motivates us to change by salting wounds and rubbing sore spots. Emotionally, we want to keep our feet planted firmly on the ground and avoid exploring difficult topics under the leisure-loving Taurus Moon. But the Sun, ruler of ego, being in freak-flag-flying Aquarius surely something else in store for us.

Memories are likely to be triggered tonight, reminding us of family and childhood. We may be disappointed to see we are copying or repeating the actions of our relatives. Just remember you are a separate person in full control of your destiny. Awareness is key and the first step to getting better is admitting you have a problem.


Moon goes void of course at 4:28 PM until it enters Gemini at 3:33 AM tomorrow. When Luna goes void of course, it means there are no further aspects between the moon and other celestial bodies in the sign its currently stationed in – Taurus, in this case. Generally, this is a bad time to make big decisions, sign legal documents, make a strong statement, et cetera. While the moon hypothetically takes a break, we should, too. Grounded Taurus likely provided us some solid rest and recovery but tomorrow when we wake up under a Gemini Moon, the vibe will be much different.

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