If you’ve been able to muster up the motivation to beat the winter blues recently, the 2:45 AM CST Venus in Capricorn exact sextile Neptune in rulership Pisces can help! When two celestial bodies are separated by 60˚, a sextile occurs. This astrological aspect is known to open doors related to the energies involved. Since they are exact, Venus and Neptune are precisely 60˚ apart – not just in the plus-or-minus 8˚ orb of influence. This means the energy of this aspect is potent!

In this case, romantic Venus is influenced by traditional Capricorn, leading to orderliness as the planet of aesthetics and beauty drives us to clean up our spaces. Dreamy Neptune is right at home in visionary Pisces, the zodiac sign it rules, inspiring the artist deep inside all of us. Writer’s block or other roadblocks to creative endeavors can easily be overcome at this time.


Feeding off of the motivating energies of the exact Venus-Neptune sextile, the Cancer Moon squares Uranus in Aries at 8:17 AM. One of the major astrological aspects, a square occurs when celestial bodies form a right angle and motivate us to change by emphasizing what needs fixing. The Moon rules home and emotion while Uranus is the planet of the unpredictable. Homebody Cancer’s influence suggests the domestic sphere requires our attention today – especially since the combination of fiery Aries with shock-artist Uranus almost guarantees we should expect the unexpected. Don’t be surprised if something in your home breaks or stops working today – especially if you’ve been ignoring it for some time.


The Moon goes void of course at 8:17 AM. Although Luna is still technically orbiting through Cancer at this time until 9:21 AM when it enters Leo, there are no further aspects occurring in this sign. Think of this as the Moon’s downtime. Since the Moon is at rest, you should be, too. Avoid making major decisions, large purchases or signing legal documents at this time. Starting a new project is also not advised as it is likely to wind up as nothing more than a bunch of loose ends. Focus on finishing up projects you had already started, especially with the energies of the Venus-Neptune sextile backing you.


After resting up under the Cancer Moon, Luna enters Leo at 9:21 AM and restores our energy. Inspiration surrounds us during this time and fun may be our top priority. Go on a date. Joke around. Try something new. Leo is bold and wants us to be larger than life. Accessorize with rubies or the color red to connect with the Leo Moon’s passion.


Instability may creep up on even the most grounded of us under the Leo Moon square Mars in Taurus at 12:57 PM. As previously mentioned, Leo emboldens even the meekest of us, potentially turning our mundane daily life shift into what feels more like reality TV. Emotions that have been bottled up are sure to explode at this time. We may be working diligently away at a project that’s been haunting us for ages under aggressive Mars, who is currently influenced by determined Taurus when BAM! Someone feeling hyped up on the Leo Moon’s party-hardy vibes interrupts our flow to suggest going out or doing something just for fun. Eruptions are likely. Do your best not to react and consider embracing a break at ths time. It’s the Leo way.

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