At 7:27 AM CST, the first of three quincunxes today occurs when the Virgo Moon quincunx Uranus in Aries. A quincunx or inconjunction occurs when celestial bodies are 150˚ apart, physically disconnecting the planets and their energies from each other while challenging us to unite them. Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, is under the influence of impulsive Aries, while the Moon is in focused, organized Virgo.

Perhaps irrational decisions have led to chaos in our spaces recently – be it physical, emotional or spiritual. Reflect on any impulsive behaviors and consider why such actions were taken. Getting to the root of these problems can help us prevent the chaotic consequences from happening again later. For now, focusing on cleaning up.


From 7:27 until 8:17 AM, the Moon is void of course. When the Moon goes void of course, it means that although Luna is still orbiting through the previous sign (in this case, Virgo), there are no further astrological aspects occurring until it enters the next sign, Libra. Think of it as a resting period for the moon and us. Don’t sign any important documents, make big decisions or start new projects at this time. Relax and reflect for the next hour.


The Moon enters diplomatic Libra at 8:17 AM. Although we are more open to seeing all sides of the story at this time, Libra’s influence leaves us terribly indecisive. Use this lunar energy to conduct research for upcoming projects or aspirations and ask your most trusted companions for input. Words are easier to find at this time so get writing. Get in touch with the Libra Moon by carrying, wearing or meditating with aventurine today.


The heart-mind connection may feel a bit strained under the 12:53 PM Libra Moon quincunx Pisces Sun. With Libra’s influence on emotion-ruling Moon, we are likely criticize ourselves and the life we’ve built around us. This is exacerbated by the visionary Pisces influence on the egotistical Sun., reminding us where we dream of being so we can compare it to where we currently stand. Aesthetic-driven Libra can be cruel and critical. Do your best to keep self-talk positive today and remember the path of least resistance is often the one allowing us to be our authentic selves.


Feeding off the energy of the Moon-Sun quincunx, the 4:27 PM Libra Moon quincunx Mars in Taurus reminds us piss-poor planning leads to piss-poor results. Mars, the planet of getting what you want when you want it, is calmed by Taurus ‘ influence and wants to protect what is already ours. This energy can be incredibly helpful for summoning gratitude if the Moon-Sun quincunx has you feeling down about your current situation. With the Moon in Libra, we want to weigh the pros and cons. How are you going to get where you want to be? Think about your options. Write them down. What could go right? What could go wrong? Get it all out on a piece of paper, a blank document on your computer or make a note in your smartphone. Before we can bask in the glory of achieving our dreams, we have to figure out step one.

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