Our beautiful baby girl, Asena.

Moony Musing readers may have noticed my daily 5 AM posts have been irregular this February. Just look at the dates for yourself and see what I mean. But don’t worry, I am doing fabulous and things are getting back to normal (whatever that means) so I decided to share the wonderful news: Spennie and I had another baby!

Our second daughter, Asena, was born February 2, 2019, at 1:10 PM in the comfort of our own home. Two wonderful Kansas City midwives – Cheryl Gilman and Nicole Green – were in attendance as well as my sister and father-in-law, who did a great job entertaining our 18-month-old daughter, Reila, when she wasn’t checking in on me.

Click here to find out why I chose home birth with both my pregnancies.

I’ll save the details for a pregnancy-specific blog post but labor was only six hours this time around which was a breeze compared to Rei’s 19-hour journey into this world. As if Groundhog Day isn’t a strange enough birthday, Asena was also born on the first anniversary of my ectopic pregnancy diagnosis and emergency surgery. Talk about a coincidence!

Anyway, I’m having a hard time letting Spence take care of me. He broke his ankle the last week of November and is only just starting to walk again. But since he’s the only human in the house not wearing diapers, I guess I’ll have to let him run the house while I rock these padded postpartum panties. They’re lavender scented, for you freaks who care to know.

Weird as it seems, taking it easy doesn’t come naturally to me but if I don’t rest, I know there will be consequences. Already, I’ve battled mastitis and seen a resurgence in postpartum bleeding after attempting to do my usual chores. Whoops. And so, I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things next week by writing my daily Moony Musings and getting back to writing some regular blog posts. But if it doesn’t happen yet, that’s okay. I guess I can excuse and forgive myself for the time being.

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One thought on “Mommy Hiatus

  1. Dear Laurien,

    I just read your blog. It’s pretty awesome and who knew they made padded postpartum Lavender scented panties!!!

    It’s amazing that Asena was born on the first anniversary of your Ectopic pregnancy surgery, blessings come in all forms, don’t they?

    Allow yourself the post healing that you need, Spence will take care of you and little Reila. He’s just that kinda guy. ❣??

    Hugs and kisses all around from beautiful Colorado.

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