Suffering from a case of the mehs? That’s not surprising under the 5:06 AM Sagittarius Moon semisquare Pluto in Capricorn. It’s time to change our ways under this semisquare –literally half the major astrological aspect of a square – when the Moon and Pluto form a 45˚ angle. Identify the obstacle and change what you need to move past it. Cut and dry, right? Probably not.

Do you really understand how you feel? Emotions are complicated to communicate and experience. Allowing yourself to truly feel makes you more vulnerable to suffering. And yet, you can’t avoid feeling. Just because you ignore it or numb yourself to it doesn’t mean it’s not gnawing away at you from the inside. They manifest as monsters like blame, denial, numbness, projection and habits of self-destruction. When you dig deep enough, you’ll find your deepest fear and deepest desire are woven together.


Silence is golden under the 5:28 AM Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Sun. As previously mentioned, a square occurs when celestial bodies form a 90˚ angle. This aspect teaches lessons through pain – and today, it’ll probably be a big pain in the butt. Emotional ruler Moon combats prideful Sun, suggesting we are our own worst enemies today. Forget something important? You’ll be reminded soon enough.


We may be quick to react under the 6:33 AM Sagittarius Moon quincunx Mars in Taurus but it’s not a good idea. As suggested under the Moon-Sun square, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Our emotions may be mixed up and indecipherable at this time (thanks, Moon-Pluto semisquare) leading us to difficulties communicating with others, especially our loved ones. Avoid serious topics altogether and focus on getting your inner workings sorted out. Consider making time for art or exercise to help get your energy flowing properly.


Even the most self-confident among us may find themselves seeking validation under the 1:03 PM Sagittarius Moon semisquare Venus in Capricorn. You don’t need it from anyone but yourself, starshine. If the world seems gray today, add a little color to it yourself. Dress up. Phone a friend. Make some art. Do whatever it takes to feel the sunshine.


You might feel stuck in a rut under the 7:01 PM Sagittarius Moon sesquiquadrate Uranus in Aries. A sesquiquadrate occurs when celestial bodies are 150˚ apart, disconnecting their energies from one another and weakening them both. Moon, the ruler of our emotions, is in social butterfly Sagittarius while the planet of the unexpected, Uranus, is currently transiting through headstrong Aries. Take a break today and do something fun.


Don’t get too caught up in things. Draw a nice bath for yourself and try to relax this evening, despite the heightened sensitivities of the 9:16 PM Sagittarius Moon Square Neptune in rulership Pisces. When a planet is in its rulership, it means it is currently orbiting through the zodiac sign it rules. Each zodiac sign has a ruling planet with similar attributes. In this case, our perception may be out of whack thanks to imaginative Neptune’s current transit through dreamer Pisces. It’s almost impossible to stay grounded at this time so try utilizing these fantastical energies in the form of art or indulging in fantasy. Stay away from alcohol and drugs tonight as the escapist tendencies of Neptune and Pisces can drive even the most grounded of us to overindulge.

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