Our feelings are larger than life under the 8:34 AM Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius. When celestial bodies are conjunct, they are side by side with 0˚ of separation. Under this aspect, their energies are amplified by one another. Expansionist Jupiter + emotion-ruling Moon = exaggerated emotions, which could be helpful if we are still struggling to determine how we really feel after yesterday’s complicated aspects.

Pay careful attention to how you feel this morning. Hopefully, the Sagittarius’ influence has us high on life, as the zodiac’s centaur is an eternal optimist. But if this isn’t the case, take care of yourself and be careful not to overindulge in whatever vice you choose to fill the void – especially food.


If plans get cancelled today, don’t take it personally under the 1:01 PM Sagittarius Moon sesquiquadrate Mars in Taurus, When celestial bodies form a 135˚ angle, a sesquiquadrate occurs. This aspect exaggerates and exacerbates even the most resilient. Our best solution at this time is likely non-action.


Now is not the time to take life or yourself too seriously as a communication breakdown is likely to occur during the 7:11 PM Sagittarius Moon square Mercury in Pisces. A 90˚ angle is formed by celestial bodies during a square, a major astrological aspect usually carrying a lesson we have stubbornly resisted learning time and time again. The articulate planet Mercury is essentially drunk under dreamy Pisces. Combined with the Moon in philosophical Sagittarius, we’re better off just listening and reflecting than trying to contribute meaningful discussion today.


Nothing can stand in your way under the 8:33 PM Pisces Sun sextile Mars in Taurus. When a sextile occurs, celestial bodies are 60˚ apart, working harmoniously together to make our lives easier. of an obstacle is hurtled toward us, go-getter Mars motivates us to jump into action – especially under to influence of defensive protector Taurus. And with the imaginative Pisces influence on prideful Sun, we’re capable of thinking outside the box to solve anything we need.

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