Happy 33 Day! Today is the third day of March, the third month of the year, making it 33 Day! If you’re into numerology or listen to the No Agenda podcast, you’re probably aware 33 is the magic number. It pops up all the time across the news spectrum.


Being genuine may not come naturally this morning thanks to the effects of the 3:40 AM Aquarius Moon semisquare Jupiter in Capricorn. When a semisquare occurs, celestial bodies form a 45˚ angle (literally half the 90˚ angle of the major astrological aspect, square). This aspect ususally shows us how we are standing in our own way.

Visionary Jupiter wants us to think in a big picture mindset but, in doing so, we may miss the details that give each passing moment its beauty and deeper meaning. Capricorn’s influence on the planet of expansion has us thinking and planning long term while Moon, the ruler of emotions, is suddenly concerned with what others think thanks to people-pleasing Aquarius.

If you have nothing nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all, right? Wrong. Break free from these self-inflicted shackles of restraint and match your environment. Sometimes, the only way to communicate with others is to get on their level so if you find yourself dealing with a negative, rude person, match the tone. You might be surprised by how they respond. It might actually make things click for them. But at the very least, don’t plaster on a fake smile and say things you don’t mean.


Motivate yourself and the 12:55 PM Aquarius Moon square Mars in Taurus will help you get things done. As previously mentioned, a square occurs when celestial bodies form a right angle. This aspect hopes to teach us lessons that have repeatedly tripped us. If there is a project you’ve had no luck with recently that makes you feel like banging your head on the wall, that’s probably what you should focus on at this time. You never know when an epiphany will strike, granting you the key to move forward.


Communicating with others becomes difficult under the 6:29 PM Aquarius Moon semisquare Mercury in Pisces and we may struggle to understand something we observed today. This is one of those times when finding the right words is nearly impossible, as nothing seems to fit the mood we’re trying to convey. You’ve got two choices now: struggle to decipher it or let it go. Conversations with those closest to may help you get closer to finding understanding but the risk of short tempers and misunderstanding runs high.


Reflecting the mood of the Moon-Mercury semisquare, another semisquare occurs at 9:14 PM between Aquarius Moon and the comet Chiron in Aries. If we’ve figured out what we are seeking or in need of emotionally, we may not be able to bring ourselves to ask for it or communicate it to others – even those closest to us. Being honest can feel quite awkward at this time. But if things aren’t alright, don’t tell others you’re “fine.” Remember: you have to be true to yourself first and foremost. Then, make sure your thoughts and actions align. Sharing your feelings may be helpful at this time if you can articulate them. Just don’t get embarrassed and start backtracking halfway through or after you’ve finished.

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