Our only aspect today occurs when the Aquarius Moon sextile Jupiter is in its rulership, Sagittarius, at 10:32 AM. When a planet is in its rulership, it is transiting through the zodiac sign it primarily influences. In this case, expansionist Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the unsatisfiable centaur who is always in search of an adventure and new experience. A sextile is a major astrological aspect when celestial bodies are separated by 60˚ or two zodiac signs. This is a time to turn potential into something more.

Yesterday was full of introspection and searching for deeper meaning in all we do. That continues today, under this aspect as a disappointment may cause us to reassess and readjust our aspirations. A productive day is possible but it’s going to take our full dedication. If you’ve neglected your spirituality recently, today is a great day to revisit it.

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