Our minds are foggy during the 12:19 PM Pisces Mercury Retrograde semisquare Mars in Taurus, largely because the planet of knowledge and communication (Mercury) doesn’t understand the emotional energies of the zodiac fish. A semisquare, when celestial bodies form a 45˚ angle, is like a weaker version of the major astrological aspect occurring at a 90˚ angle, the square.

As I previously mentioned, Mercury rules the mind, enjoying logic and reasoning. Empathetic Pisces, however, is much more interested in following intuition wherever it leads. It’s the age-old disconnect between heart and mind played out during this Mercury Retrograde. Go-getter Mars, the planet of action, is under the influence of sensible, stable Taurus, the zodiac’s bull associated with finances.

Hoping to make a big purchase soon? You may find it hard to budget or come up with the money at this time. It may wipe out your savings and make you financilaly uncomfortable. Now is not the time to make such important decisions. Avoid making a mistake by postponing this decision until after Mercury Retrograde (March 28) and, in the mean time, do your best to focus on more tangible goals carrying less risk.


Articulate Mercury may inspire us to share our feelings with someone close when it conjuncts the Moon in Pisces at 1:10 PM. When celestial bodies are conjunct, they are right next to each other in the sky, separated by 0˚ as they transit through the same sign. Their energies work together to bring us an appreciation of something we previously did not comprehend.

Understanding our emotions is difficult nevermind putting them in words, but sometimes having a conversation can help you figure out what’s going on internally. The past few weeks have been challenging when it comes to understanding our emotions. We want to make sure we’re on the right path, our highest path, especially when making our New Moon resolutions. But if we haven’t fully analyzed how we feel, that won’t be possible. Don’t be shy to speak up and ask for someone else’s perspective at this time.


Off to a slow start today? The 1:14 PM Pisces Moon semisquare Mars in Taurus may be to blame for the sluggish vibes. You’ll find it even harder to get motivated if the people around you are lackadaisical. Being stuck in this funk may cause a buildup of problems if we fail to complete small tasks in a timely manner. Muster up all your energy and charge through it.


The Moon is void of course from 1:14 to 2:29 PM. When the Moon goes void of course, it means there are no further aspects in the sign it is currently transiting through. In this case, the Moon has no further aspect in Pisces. This is a good time for a lunch break, as tasks started during a void-of-course Moon are likely to wind up unfinished or require starting all over at a later date.


At 2:29 PM. the Moon enters fiery Aries. The zodiac ram is headstrong and blunt, inspiring us to impulsively act on all those feelings we experienced under Pisces. Hopefully, this transit will act as a natural energy booster to launch us out of our Moon-Mars semisquare rut.


Another conjunction occurs at 4:25 PM between the Moon and comet Chiron Retrograde in Aries. In our natal charts, Chiron reveals our deepest wound. Learning about this will help us on our healing journey forward. Today, the Moon and Chiron harmonize, putting us in touch with some of our repressed memories and inspiring us to let go of negative thoughts no longer serving us. Aries inspires forward movement so although a sore subject may come up, we shouldn’t expect any wallowing or crippling grief at this time.


Failure to mix things up will make your love life suffer under the 9:16 PM Venus in Aquarius semisquare Jupiter in its rulership, Sagittarius – all forms of love. Add something new in your self-care routine. Check in with a loved one. Go on a date if you’ve been reluctant or try staying home, enjoying your own company if you’ve been out on too many. Bring some new zest to your established relationship and get wild. It’s time to push the limits of your freedom and break free from the shackles of routine.

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