Our only aspect today is a wonderful one occurring at 6:30 AM CST when the Aries Moon sextiles Venus in Aquarius. A sextile occurs when celestial bodies form a 60˚ angle, their energies cooperating to unleash potential.

Firey Aries’ influence over the Moon, ruler of our emotions, is working to reignite our passions – whatever it is that makes our heart sing. Quite some time has passed since that flame burned brightly but the zodiac ram’s trailblazing spirit removes any fear or doubt that’s been blocking our path. Don’t let life pass you by! Jump on whatever it is that you’ve wanted to devote time to for so long. Just don’t follow impulses tempting you to wander away from productive activities. And if you’re not sure what to do with this energy, work out!

Venus is transiting through humanitarian Aquarius, allowing us to accept criticism at this time without any negative self-talk which helps us create our best work. The planet of love gives us a keen eye for beauty and spotlights inspiration everywhere we go. Spend the day with loved ones, if you can. This aspect draws out our charming side.

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